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Posted by King_of_the_Kill on 12.03.2011 at 16:13
Hey guys, so I'm really into thrash metal, and I've been looking for some old-school death metal, along the lines of Death, Master, Morbid Angel, etc.

Just wondering if you can recommend anything, thanks.

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loins are moist

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  25.03.2014 at 01:02
Written by mz on 25.03.2014 at 00:52

Written by deadone on 21.03.2014 at 02:04

they sound more Black than Death to me - in particular guitar tone and that overall "cavernous, dark, evil" atmosphere you refer too.

But I think music should be classified based on its ingredients and not the effect it has on the listener. "cavernous, dark, evil" is not something you could prove, because it's the feeling you get from their sound.
GM utilizes dm approach to create cavernous music, and it makes them death metal.

I agree it's DM. There's just too much of a BM sound in there for my liking.

It's kinda like Ghoul and Frightmare - they're DM but there's large dollops of Thrash and some Grind in there (and unsurprisingly I like them).

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  08.04.2014 at 05:12
Check out old Vader, Immolation, Nunslaughter, Cancer, and Demilich.

Convulse is also a great old school Finnish death metal band that has just released a new album. Check out a review: www.satansmusicbox.com/reviews/convulse-evil-prevails
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