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From: Canada

  20.09.2006 at 23:58
i know a bunch of you have your lil one man bands or stuff on myspace or whatever. post em here, instead of creating 100's of different pages.

and i'm doing a crappy job at it too. but meh, i'm having fun

now get on your knees and worship me!
-Zakk Wylde

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Age: 30
From: Bulgaria

  21.09.2006 at 15:26
I don't know... despite the fact that I'm really considering the idea of starting to work alone, I just don't like things that cannot be played live... I like to hear the different personalities behind the different instruments... and I like to know that the person that recorded something is going to play it live... plaing live is the essence of all for me...
...cause I don't give a fuck if you hate me!

Posts: 1892
From: Canada

  21.09.2006 at 17:05
well i'm not going to pull a bathory and go all the way with this project of mine. its actually pretty crappy for me to even carry it on the stage. this is just a temporery thing before i actually get a band.

so think of it that way

now get on your knees and worship me!
-Zakk Wylde
Angel Deformity

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From: Australia

  07.12.2006 at 02:18
already made my own thread but heres a link anyways http://www.myspace.com/entsetzlich

its black/noise...


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Age: 33
From: Canada

  07.12.2006 at 06:16
As actually working with a band has proven INCREDIBLY difficult for me, especially being a power metal junkie in Ontario, Canada... I just started doing my one man band thing recently.

It's a symphonic-style power metal opera. Though I still require a drummer, and could really use keyboard assistance. Unfortunately, no sound up yet. Working on that for January.

Kap'N Korrupt
Account deleted
  14.12.2006 at 07:28
I was told to come in here and check this out so here I am

I'm a keyboards player who lives in North York at the moment taking courses at York. I am a fan of symphonic power metal and would love to help you out.

It depends on what you need most though. I play drums and bass too and wouldn't mind helping you lay down tracks sometime.

Tell me what you think then.

Also, where do you live exactly?
Lunette Vampyre
Account deleted
  18.12.2006 at 17:28
I haven't started my music page on myspace yet cause I haven't yet perfected my songs haha.

Right now I'm doing an AFI cover on Love Like Winter (I detest most of their new stuff, but I can't help but love that song!). I'm playing it acoustic, it sounds pretty cool!
Account deleted
  19.12.2006 at 16:59
Yeah Goregastro is my latest brain idea its gonna be some br00tal shit yeah. Alas I can not play guitar so I have to get my friend to do that for me but I shall be playing bass, vocals, programming drums and that as well as writing everything so it is practically a one man project.
Metal Master

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Age: 30
From: Latvia

  22.12.2006 at 15:44
How can i listen them? I tried to click on songs and to click on PLAY button but even after a while nothing happens. Is that service so slow or what?

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Age: 23
From: UK

  22.12.2006 at 23:20
W-Lash, that happens to me too. I think my browser's got a bug in it though (it's an old version of Opera)

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Age: 23
From: UK

  24.12.2006 at 00:11
I was seriously bored today, so this ---> http://www.myspace.com/nuclearfuneral is what I did. It's all recorded from my keyboard into my computer microphone so excuse the crapness of the recording quality. I can assure you that the song is one of the most annoying repetive things you'll ever hear; it started out well but then it just went downhill from there. I wanted to put some harsh vocals on there but I just end up souning like a strangled cat (or is that the whole idea?) so no vocals I'm afraid. Unless one of you lot want to record some and send me the sound file
Zombie, M.D.

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From: USA

  06.01.2007 at 10:52
Currently I have two seperate solo projects. Cruento started out as a duo and we released our first album as a duo, but shortly after the album was released the other member left the band. The music started as some kind of black/doom, but since the other members departure the stuff I have written has been more on the ambient doom side of things. Here is a link to some stuff:


Umbra is my first serious musical endeavor. Rhythmic dark ambient drone stuff.

"I really screwed up this time." - Jeffery Dahmer

Posts: 1892
From: Canada

  10.01.2007 at 00:28
okay there...i recorded soemthing more doomish with a lil piano solo near the end. and if you're wondering whatever happend to the guitar...its still there. those BIG BEN chimes are acutally done on guitar.

anyways, the song is called 'atazagorah' let me know what you think of it:


now get on your knees and worship me!
-Zakk Wylde
Account deleted
  18.03.2007 at 21:12
Ive recorded a Dark Ambient/Noise track and will be recording more. Until i get a myspace page up (im a little lazy right now) heres the link to the purevolume page its on http://www.purevolume.com/catacombs , at the moment the project is called catacombs.
Account deleted
  30.03.2007 at 20:05
in my signature

it's doom / black metal or whatever... you'll see for yourself.

actually i'm gonna upload my full length album soon and I am searching for reviewers, anybody interested in the task : animalviolent@hotmail.com write me an email
Immortal Plague

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Age: 24
From: Canada

  31.03.2007 at 07:15
Well i wouldn't call it anything serious, i haven't actually recorded anything, but i am writing some riffs and coming up with ideas, from what i have been writing, it has the atmosphere and dark feeling like Darkthrone, and the guitars are distorted similar to Darkthrone's but the riffs are written like Satanic Warmaster and Emperor, and i am also looking to use a Synthesizer quite alot like Summoning but not use it as much as Summoning.

I know im just saying things and havent actually given you guys anything i actually have written, but i will record some tracks to and make them avalable to people, and overall i think this might turn into a 3 piece band, because im not too good at drums or vocals, and i know two talents people that can do both, so my solo project might turn out to be a small band im not sure, but if i record anything and put it on a website for anyone to hear, i will surely repost about it.
Account deleted
  10.05.2007 at 08:44
I'm still plodding along half-assed in my solo noise-metal machine. Unusual Suspect isn't quite dead yet. Of course, it's not really alive these days much either

One of these days I should probably put some of the stuff out there I've recorded (nine tracks altogether, only six of them in a "finished" state). Problem is, I'm just not happy with my guitar playing and rhythm elements. I don't know how to remedy this since it's VERY difficult to find anyone interested in doing the stuff I want to do. Oh well. I'm getting too old to keep this pipe dream alive really.
Account deleted
  13.06.2007 at 01:53
Hey I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they use to record their songs or compress files when they're done? Because I have some things recorded but pretty much every single one is too big to upload to Myspace. I couldn't get anything with more than 2 short tracks on it.

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Age: 27
From: Iran

  03.07.2007 at 03:29
I have a one man band. called Dimholt (not for sure)
my demos :

Written by muthafucka on 08.07.2010 at 06:46

Account deleted
  26.11.2007 at 22:38
I've been working on a one man Black Metal project for a while now, influenced by early Gorgoroth, Darkthrone, Bathory and Judas Iscariot. I just re-recorded my first demo, which was originally recorded last winter (without vocals). I not really happy with the mix and my vocals and lyrics need a lot of work, but I think it turned out alright. I make no attempt to be original, it's just raw black metal...

Kap'N Korrupt
Account deleted
  28.11.2007 at 23:37
Why are there two threads about one man bands? Shouldn't there only just be one?

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Age: 31
From: Finland

  04.01.2008 at 18:51
I've been recording stuff with Vortech since 2000. So far I've got two EPs and two full length releases done, and a third one is musically finished now. Next up I'm doing the lyrics for the songs. Should be out this year. All the releases are free to download in full at http://www.vortechmusic.com. The style is nowadays industrial-spiced extreme metal with grindcore and black metal elements here and there. Melodic and harsh, and often VERY fast Just how I like it
Vortech - New album out now for free! VortechMusic.com
Industrial Metal with black metal, grindcore and progressive spices.

Relativity - Grindcore, gigging around!

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Age: 19
From: Syria

  05.06.2012 at 01:24
In that case, man is only air as well.

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Age: 26
From: Ukraine

  26.06.2012 at 14:26
I had a black metal project once. I had no electric guitar back then so I've just used my regular one. Hope to record this stuff someday

Narrow House (ambient funeral doom from Ukraine): Website, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube

Posts: 2

Age: 41
From: Serbia

  07.09.2012 at 00:44
My one man bands we can check from my official site: www.meskalith.blogspot.com

Posts: 92

Age: 28
From: USA

  28.09.2012 at 15:58
I have been gearing myself towards a one man band approach for the past... Year, or so?

It's been particularly slow, only because any solo artist, I think, needs some pretty stable income outside of music. Fortunately, I've been able to attain that so the past month or two has become more musically oriented... Which makes me quite happy.

The sound I am going for is power metal close in style to Blind Guardian, and my first project is a concept based on the first Final Fantasy game.

Currently I use Reaper to mix, ez-Drummer w/ the Drumkit From Hell expansion for drums and a Line 6 POD HD500 for guitar effects and recording the guitar.

One problem I run in to is... While recording guitar I get a an odd 'hum' in my distortion whenever I have my guitar hooked to the POD, and the POD hooked to my computer via USB.

I try smoothing the noise with noise gates in the POD, but I noticed that whenever the POD is not plugged into my computer, there is no noise. Specifically, the noise occurs whenever I play a chord... Say, in simple detached quarter notes. That space of silence between the chords would ring with some of of hiss that is NOT there when the POD is NOT plugged into the computer.

So, I blame my computer, but I do not understand why that sound is occurring, thoughts?
"Pretty easy work, for a God." - Freya ~ Valkyrie Profile

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Age: 32
From: Spain

  28.09.2012 at 17:57
I have been "working" or better, having fun trying to compose since I was 15. Then, I didnt know how to play a single chord with a guitar, but one day my brother showed me a PC program called Impulse Tracker, and I took it as a game, making my own things of every kind of genre.

Later I started to think that it would be cool to create something with my influences, and so I made up an own "project" far from serious, and everything made with computer, even guitars, just following my feeling. After some time, one friend told me that it wasnt that bad and I should send to a galician (region from Spain) Metal web page that was releasing compilations from here. I was quite afraid, cause, well, I know it wouldnt be very welcome that a one man "band" that makes all music with PC and bad sampling of an old program would share place with real bands and could be quite criticized, but my friend encourage me and I gave it to the webmaster, thinking he would laugh and then tell me there was no space in the compilation or something like that My surprise was big when I found myself in the compilation of galician bands, but more when in the galician radio they interviewed him and the song they choose for opening between the 28 in the CD was the one made by me, I was shocked XD

Well, besides that, the music I make is a mix between many styles, from symphonic to black, heavy, gothic, doom, progressive, some folky parts, death, power... all with a very epic and melancholic feeling. In short.. instrumental experimental electronic dark metal (?). It is nothing serious, so just a way to have fun creating with an old music MOD program.
Here you can check the last demo: http://enumaelis.blogspot.com.es/2011/09/enuma-elis-sons-demos-2011.html
and here a couple of songs:
Mornie Utulie

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Age: 22
From: Poland

  12.10.2012 at 19:51
Hey Everyone!
It's my first post - and in this one I want to show You my latest song called "The Last Days of Winter". It is pretty long song (over 8 minutes) written of course by myself and recorded by myself. I have not a "true" bass guitar so You can hear a MIDI bass section in my song. The same thing is about drums - I have created them in ezdrummer.
As an amateur musician I need to know, what people think about my music - so if You have 8 minutes to listen this song - please write below what do You think about it.
And remember - constructive criticism is always welcome! Have nice day

So here is the song:


Posts: 1
From: USA
  18.08.2015 at 23:24
I've been playing guitar for about 10 years and never been very good but lately i've seen an improvement in my ability to write. here are some guitar pro files i've been working on for about 3 weeks now. they're written for a seven string tuned to drop A. I don't have a name for the project yet. check out either impaled (the plummet) or kickass first, they're most recent and probably sound best. critique is appreciated. if anyone wants to collab feel free to pm me. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B84lfa5REzgEfjdUUDlTS0VfbGxBT0dJVVJXcC1EMzk5cTlGZU5qdGdGUDNOeGNVRlRiMkk&usp=sharing

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