Epica vs Within Temptation

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Which band do you like it more?

Within Temptation

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15.06.2011 - 15:15
These are some of my favourite symphonic metal bands,and I can never decide which of the two is better. So what do you metalstormers think?
Epica: This Band is one of the best symphonic metal bands ever, Simone Simons has a nice voice specially for GOTHIC \m/.
Within Temptation: I think this band has a good popular specially after The Unforgiving.
15.06.2011 - 16:20
Bad English
Well both sucks genrealy but Epica 1th was quate OK, but WT sucked, nowdays WT getting better day by day so I vote for WT even Im noty huge fan of a band
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15.06.2011 - 17:15
Account deleted
Well i don't listen to both bands but i like Epica's song "Seif al Din" because of the Oriental touch, and Simon is hotter my vote definitely goes to Epica!
16.06.2011 - 06:40
This just my opinion. I like both bands to very different degrees. But there is no comparision in quality in my mind. Epica are vastly superior in writing, playing, performing and frankly Simone Simons singing is vastly superior to Sharon den Adel.
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16.06.2011 - 20:53
The Shape 1973
Both good bands. I like both of them and it depends on my mood.

If I want metal, then Epica.
If I want pop, Within Temptation.

Epica gets the vote though.
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16.06.2011 - 21:22
Well, both of these bands are among my favs, but I have to go with Within Temptation, they have always been closer to my heart than Epica, and I enjoy their music more, though its simpler and more pop-oriented these days... Epica's music sure much more complex and diverse and ofc heavier, but still WT wins this poll for me!!!
30.06.2011 - 22:43
his voice is better
04.07.2011 - 18:59
Definitely Epica. Simone has the most beautiful of voices! She's my favourite female vocalist
26.07.2011 - 18:50
Night Sight
I really hate within temptation
i can not bear the vocals
but i love epica.it is my favorite band.simone voice and her look is more beautiful than sharon
also heavier than within temptation
within temptation is one of those pop metal bands
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13.12.2012 - 18:07
Vlad The Implaer
Just saw Epica (again) the other night and they get my vote every time. Within Temptation are good, but overall the range, variety and the music are better with Epica
14.12.2012 - 15:32
I haven't listened to Within Temptation in a while, nor do I feel an overwhelming urge to do so. Still, at one point I really liked them.

Epica doesn't do anything for me. I own two of their albums, I've heard songs here and there... still nothing. Which is quite interesting, because I really like After Forever's first two albums.

So yeah, Sharon and co. gets my vote.
15.12.2012 - 05:04
Night Theater
Definitely Epica. Within Temptation is great, but they are a little soft for me, and, at times, sound a little too commercial, especially with the song, "What Have You Done". Epica brings in a lot more, and are one of my favourite bands.