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Posted by , 27.09.2006 - 20:29
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I think we're missing a prog-part. Off course it stands "progressive" under melodic metal, but this is limited to the "soft" prog bands. Arcuturus and Cynic is as much prog as Dream Theater in my opinion.

I see a subforum called "Prog". Here we could have everything from typical prog metal(Dream Theater, Queensrÿche) to avantgarde metal(Arcturus), to extreme prog metal(Opeth, Ihshahn), to fusion metal(Cynic, Spiral Architect), to prog rock(King Crimson, Magma, Rush, etc..) , also quasi-proggish stuff like Muse.

Or something like that.

The way it is now prog bands are spread out on pretty much every every metal-forum, and the rock-forum.
28.11.2006 - 19:50
MDB = My Dying Bride

Ok, so in your opinion and not Jed's, Prog would still remain in the Melodic forum anyway. Then why not filtering the Melodic forum with all prog related categories?

Circles or not, this discussion is interesting. We need someone to come up with a bright idea to solve that.
I would be pretty disappointed if MS had to surrender to listing genres in spearate forums. That's totally not user-friendly.
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28.11.2006 - 20:48
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Ah...I wasn't familiar with that acroymn...I would filter the melodic forum catagories with the prog catagories...I guess you're right about my idea not being user-friendly...but to have sub-forums of forums isn't as bad is my original idea...but still, that wouldn't be user-friendly either...

I really think that the whole sub-forum inside of a forum is a good idea still...
29.11.2006 - 04:19
Dane Train
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The problem I still have is what about bands that are progressive and melodic and extream? Like Opeth? I totally understand the problem with having too many sub forums.ree. One being Melodic, Extream and one being Prog/Avent-Garde/Tech?

It seems if someone is trying to learn about bands, it would be much easier to see these connections. Someone who is really into Pain Of Salvation would also see a thread for !T.O.O.H.! and look at that.
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14.03.2007 - 10:08
I agree 100% with Tommy Tee. I don't see why you last two are arguing for more division, all I can think of is the stereotypical elitism of prog-heads... don't take offence at this point though, I think I'm just as elite

Hemlock, about your three main groups, have you noticed you left out doom?

What's more worrying to me is that both of you continue to misspell words like extrEME, sepArate, catEgory and HAMSTER. Aren't you both from English-speaking countries? French is no excuse, I know they use the same letters!

MDB ... half an hour ago I was thinking shove under extreme, now I'm thinking shove under melodic... I dunno. I'll go with melodic for now. Rant over
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