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The Odyssey30
The Divine Wings of Tragedy11
The Accolade6
Smoke & Mirrors5
Of Sins and Shadows5
Sea of Lies4
Eyes of Medusa2

Total votes: 102

The original post

Posted by on 08.10.2006 at 09:10
well ,what is your favorite song of symphony x?? my favorite is Smoke & Mirrors, i love all symphony x albums, and i think they are one of the best bands forever

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  04.04.2007 at 19:00
I was stuck between The Odyssey, The Divine Wings of Tragedy and Other(Out of the Ashes) lol. Voted Odyssey in the end!
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  04.04.2007 at 21:53
Written by L.. on 01.04.2007 at 17:35

The Divine Wings of Tragedy for me:dcool:

Divine Wings of tragedy is the opus magnum of symphony x, a perfect song.

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From: Sweden

  06.04.2007 at 18:30
Voted other.. I like most of their songs but Inferno is the one I've worshipped the most at the moment.
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  19.11.2007 at 21:31
The Odyssey
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  20.11.2007 at 01:36
Hard to say really, The Odyssey probably.
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  23.11.2007 at 19:27
Communion and the Oracle for me
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  24.11.2007 at 01:34
Written by Guest on 04.04.2007 at 19:00

I was stuck between The Odyssey, The Divine Wings of Tragedy and Other(Out of the Ashes) lol. Voted Odyssey in the end!

Lol exactly the same, I love the Odyssey because because of the real fucking epic orchestral portions, and its probably the best "epic" of any band today, but I also love DWOT. Out Of The Ashes I also love because of the sick classical intro and the chorus, and basically everything. But I voted The Odyssey.
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From: Mexico

  24.11.2007 at 04:44
The Divine Wings of Tragedy because it has every element Symphony X is known for,
heavy riffs,mellow moments, amazing agressive and mellow vocals, and extremely amazing guitar and keyboards solos and some bass parts are really cool on this one
Stay Metal !!!
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  29.11.2007 at 22:00
I chose "Smoke And Mirrors" but this may change in a few hours
because I love all of Symphony X's music! ;-)
One of my fav bands for all time.
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From: Sweden

  29.11.2007 at 23:17
I love the Accolade songs, think they're extremely beautiful both of them.

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From: Colombia

  01.12.2007 at 16:55
Although I voted for "Sea of lies" a long time ago...

My fav. SX song now is "Eve of seduction, from their new album Paradise Lost.
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From: USA

  30.12.2007 at 21:44
Accolade or Sea of Lies.
The nectar ov Thy rage,
I taste from the cup ov fornication.
And woman by my side,
And scarlet is her skin.
She's eager to rise,
And so eager to please.
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  05.04.2008 at 03:50
Symphony X are just are full on sexy band, they need to tour and come to Ireland. The odyssey wins it all story wise and musical wise, every member of symphony X is sexy at what they do
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  21.05.2008 at 17:05
My favourite song is Inferno
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  26.06.2008 at 09:55
The Odyssey and Orion The Hunter

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From: Indonesia
  30.06.2008 at 02:14
set the world on fire...
its hard..hard to say....

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From: India

  03.02.2009 at 12:05
Walls of babylon

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From: France

  03.02.2009 at 12:23
I had to vote Of Sins And Shadows. Every time I listen to Divine Wings Of Tragedy (I mean the album) I have to go through this song four or five times before I can listen to the rest of the album. That opening riff is just sick, and the chorus is one of the best they ever came with IMO.

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From: Australia

  17.03.2009 at 00:27
I always find it a little dangerous to have a thread like this with potentially dozens of alternatives and the poll merely covers a handful of those. Anyway, I have to vote other because there are a range of songs not on this list that I really like from Symphony X. King of Terrors, Pharaoh, Set the World Afire, Paradice Lost to name just a few.
The Odyssey is amongst my favorites as well, along with most of the song in the poll. But my vote has to go to Serpent's Kiss.
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From: USA
  03.08.2009 at 05:39
With other on top, it just shows that they have so many good songs.
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From: Czech Republic

  03.08.2009 at 10:00
Voted for The Odyssey, since it is really great epic opus
The bones of beasts and the bones of kings
Become dust in the wake of the hymn
Mighty kingdoms rise, but they all will fall
No more than a breath on the wind


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From: Portugal

  26.08.2009 at 18:23
Written by Ellrohir on 03.08.2009 at 10:00

Voted for The Odyssey, since it is really great epic opus

Same vote here. It's a masterpiece, impossible to heard in excerpts.
Rend them as ashes, to the four winds, the winds of a new season

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Age: 30
From: Brazil

  14.04.2010 at 17:08
Eve of seduction, it's perfect. I also like of lesson before die
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From: Austria

  14.04.2010 at 22:06
I voted for other because of "Set The World On Fire", but they have many great songs

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From: USA

  23.04.2010 at 03:01
Definitely "The Odessy". That song is genius! 24 minutes and it never gets boring!

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From: USA

  03.07.2010 at 00:04
I really like Masquerade, if its the one I'm thinking of. (Bonus track on the Odyssey?)

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Age: 25
From: Chile

  28.10.2010 at 05:42
The divine wings of tragedy...is the best
Account deleted
  01.10.2011 at 17:09
Other: Inferno (Unleash The Fire)

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From: USA
  22.01.2015 at 08:35
Domination- its very different from their other songs but still really good

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Age: 19
From: USA

  24.01.2015 at 06:49
Evolution: The Grand Design

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