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14.10.2006 - 21:13
Hellish Star
The first Krux album was a mindblowing masterpiece. Krux contains members of Candlemass (Leif Edling) and Yngwie Malmsteen / Atvance ( Mats Levén).

These guys just released their second album, "Krux II" and once again it is a doom metal masterpiece, very atmospheric, heavy, melancholic,... perfect!

Check them at:


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15.10.2006 - 18:23
Doom Metal Eliti
I did enjoy their first album. It was a pretty good one which I think most Candlemass fans would enjoy. I havent grabbed my hands on the second one yet, is it as good as the first one??
15.10.2006 - 19:55
Hellish Star
yes, it is...

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25.10.2006 - 17:21
Marcel Hubregtse
Grumpy Old Fuck
I got Krux II yesterday and it's a fucking masterpiece. mats Leven's vocals just are so incredibly great it's unbelievable. Not only that but it also fatures brilliant riffs and very subtle keyboard passages, all in all a very very very very good doom album. The review for it will be on-line this coming Saturday.
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25.10.2006 - 18:20
Mr. Noise
I am listening to the samples right now.

Those songs from the album 'Krux I' are fucking heavy, crushing as fuck. But the song 'Sea Of Doom' is lesser in my opinion. I think I'll go for the Krux I album first, as I expect to like it more than the second. With only the samples in mind, of course.
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29.10.2006 - 00:34
Lost To Apathy
"II" is a great album, really worth listening if you're into more tradicional Doom Metal. I found it to be more direct, less atmospheric than the first one, but it's hard to pick a favourite, as of yet, at least.

Good review by the way Ozman
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30.10.2006 - 00:09
avatar of misery
I'm not that much into trad doom, and even I totally liked "II". Now, let's see if I can get my hands on the first album as well.

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