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Posted by , 18.05.2006 - 13:33
One of the most misunderstood bands of today. Hated by almost every metaller everywhere yet they command a powerful fan base.

As far as I know they did invent Nu Metal and have managed to keep their sound fresh and original since then. Their debut self titled album is still brilliant by today's standards and is one of my all time fave albums. Perfect for that teen angst.

I strongly urge any of you neigh-sayers to open your mind and give this band a chance.
13.09.2014 - 05:30
Written by massbrow on 11.09.2014 at 04:36

KoRn is my favorit band, thanks this article..


OT: 10 pages of this thread in 8 years of its existence. That's like, a little more than a page per year. Most impressive.

I don't know what to make of Korn anymore. I guess I can still call them my favorite band, but compared to how much I used to listen to them, and how little I do now... The fact that they keep releasing shit or mediocre stuff really isn't helping. Korn III was a fucking abomination. The Path of Totality was meh. The Paradigm Shift is just a tad better, but it still didn't leave a lasting impression on me. The last Korn album that I genuinely enjoy is SYOTOS which was released almost decade ago. I like Untitled too, but not all of the songs. I guess I'll just have to make peace with the fact that I'll never going to enjoy their new stuff. I was really excited for Korn III before it actually came out. They said it's gonna be "return to the roots" and it got Ross Robinson on it as well. So how did it end up being such a steamy pile of shit? That's nothing like Untouchables, don't even fucking dare to compare the two. As far as TPS is concerned, I was excited about that as well, I really thought Head was gonna make things better since I really enjoyed his solo stuff. But alas, apparently he didn't. I guess it depends on your perspective, but aside from Love & Meth and maybe one or two other songs, nothing stands out. It's not that it's bad (aside from Never Never, seriously, fuck that song), it's just that it might as well serve me as a background music since I'm not feeling it at all. /rant
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05.06.2016 - 22:45
KoRn and The Smashing Pumpkins basically kept me alive during my teenage years, I didn't relate to the people around me and felt alone, their music helped me to realize there were people out there feeling like I was and that I wasn't completely alone.

KoRn's debut album was a big deal to me, I didn't know what to expect and was amazed that a mainstream band was talking about the kinds of topics they were. Life is Peachy and Follow The Leader were alright but didn't have nearly the same impact. When Issues came out, though, it was everything I had wished for in an album. Outside of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness or maybe Opeth's "My Arms, Your Hearse", I don't think there is an album I've listened to more than Issues. It got me through my later years of high school, legit.

After Issues, KoRn kind of fell out of my regular playlist. Sure, I gave Untouchables a proper listen, but I just didn't feel that connection anymore. It wasn't until "KoRn III" that I decided to grab another of their albums and I'm glad I did, I really appreciated the throw back sound. Their newer stuff, while being innovative, hasn't been hugely interesting to me. I guess when it comes to KoRn I'm a bit of a fair weather fan, give me their debut or Issues any day, but the rest is hit and miss.