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From: Canada

  01.03.2012 at 23:51
Hey guys, for those of you who don't know or haven't really spoken to me, which I'm sure is plenty, I really like melodic death metal Thanks to MetalStorm I've found dozens of melodic death bands but lately finding anything particularly unique or good for that matter has become pretty difficult So, I'm hoping that if you guys ( and ladies of course ) had any suggestions for some awesome bands in melodic death or black or whatever that you'll post a few, I'd really appreciate that Anyway, thanks and be sure to post plenty of bands, cheers!

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From: Vietnam

  02.03.2012 at 18:18
I just remember famous bands I have surfed:
- In Flames (especially Only For The Weak song)
- Dark Tranquility (especially Therein and others)
- Soilwork - Natural Born Chaos best and others good too
- Kalmah
- Eternal Tears of Sorrow
- Catamenia (early)
- Dimmu Borgir (all)
- Vinterland
- Borknagar not bad though you can include

Best I like most among either both melodic death or black is Dimmu Borgir...

EDIT: just checked your profile, were you pranking from other suggestion, as regarded your profile favorite bands ? lol

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Age: 22
From: Canada

  04.03.2012 at 23:22
Hmm, I've heard much of what you suggested but Vinterland and Catamenia sound very interesting, and Borknagar of course Thanks for the suggestions bro

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From: Mexico

  05.03.2012 at 03:01
I also recommend you to listen to "Rotting Christ" and "Before the Dawn", two amazing melodic metal bands.
Until the End

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From: UK

  05.03.2012 at 04:05
Here's a few melodic death or black metal bands you might not have heard;

Dreamshade, Soulfallen, Cipher System, Euphoreon, Crystalic and Mistweaver

Of note, you can download Soulfallen's newest album for free at http://www.soulfallen.com/download.php

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From: Canada

  09.03.2012 at 18:16
Thanks bro

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