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Do you like House or Electro or Dance? Do you like club music?

Some of them.2
Only when I'm clubbing.2
Don't like them.2
Can't stand them.2

Total votes: 10

Renard Solitaire

Posts: 21

Age: 25
From: South Africa
  24.03.2012 at 21:17
Metalheads I know hate house, electro-dance and trance music. To be honest, I can't tell the difference between those genres, I just recognize them as club music. I notice that people who are into clubbing and that kind of music particularly dislike/despise us metalheads and our 'worthless' music. Wonder about our opinion of their music...
Edmund Fogg

Posts: 1752

Age: 29
From: Canada

  24.03.2012 at 21:38

this is the place, and I think you'll find pretty much any of "their" music there.
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Posts: 891

Age: 29
From: USA

  25.03.2012 at 05:45
I don't like to club or dance.

But I like Daft Punk, Justice, and Fatboy Slim...

Whatever that means.

Oh, and I have never had a raver, clubber, or someone who "clubs" hate me for liking metal music. Ever.
In Grind We Crust
The Psilosopher

Posts: 1744

Age: 24
From: India

  25.03.2012 at 07:38
I like The Fat of the land album by prodigy. Honestly idk why is it seperately called club music, if it is played anywhere outside a club.
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

Posts: 7330

Age: 19
From: Canada

  26.02.2014 at 03:50
Girlfriend is really into house and EDM, and as a result I've been listening to a lot lately. Anyone else into it?

Anthrax fans should know this.

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Weirdo of MS

Posts: 3705

Age: 28
From: Brazil

  26.02.2014 at 04:22
I guess I'll stick to aggrotech and dark psytrance
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Posts: 1936
From: Spain

  02.03.2014 at 02:29
I like some of it, mostly when I'm drunk in a club

No but seriously, I dig stuff like Vitalic, Justice, Daft Punk, Darkside, Gesaffelstein and similar stuff.

Posts: 366

Age: 25
From: USA

  15.06.2014 at 00:04
I really cant stand it to be honest.

Posts: 170
From: USA

  04.07.2014 at 06:17
For the most part I have to be in the right environment and the right mood to get much joy out of it. Now I have heard a little bit of "progressive" electronic music because a good friend of mine that is in the industry has exposed me to it. I can appreciate it more having watched it get made firsthand. But it just never quite grabs me the way a lot of other music does.

Except of course for early 90's dance and European techno. I went through a phase at the time, so there is some nostalgic value there in much the same way I still love a lot of 80's pop songs I listened to as a kid that I will readily admit are crap.

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