Has Symphonic Metal Become a Cliche?

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Posted by , 22.05.2012 - 18:51
The great After Forever are no more. Bal-Sagoth are never going to release an album again (probably). Therion and Epica are but pale shadows of what they used to be and Nightwish's latest album might as well have been called Imaginaerum: Nightwish On Autopilot. On top of that, Xandria's latest and quite boring album is being hailed by many as some sort of savior of the genre. As a huge fan of symphonic metal and it's sub genres (symphonic power, death etc) I am worried. It seems that too many bands nowadays use symphonic elements not because they add much to the music, but to disguise the fact that they are just not very good metal bands. Anyone - and I mean that literally - can add a Carmina Burana ooh! aah! choir to the chorus of their frustratingly simplistic four chord song or attach some pointless violin melodies (if you can call them that) to their mediocre riffs. This takes no effort and far too many bands are doing it. In addition to that, most former great symphonic metal bands have either called it quits (the wise choice) or have gone downhill big time. I don't think anyone in their right mind would consider "Imaginaerum" or "Requiem For The Indifferent" to be in the same category of greatness as "Oceanborn" or "The Phantom Agony". So, what are your thoughts on this? Has symphonic metal become a cliche and if so, are there any bands out there who can bring dignity back to one of the most epic genres of music to ever exist?
16.11.2015 - 23:45
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I think it was in a past but in last 1 year no, we have many female fronted and sympho band sbut somehow they don't get such attention as in a past, because many basucaly like in every other genre don't create anything what woul make money to label company and even they get noticed more because of I net, pre I net era they would be just demo home town band whit 3 gigs in naibouyr town
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