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Which album do you think is more influential

Blackwater Park10

Total votes: 27


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Age: 22
From: USA

  05.06.2012 at 21:20
Me and a coworker were discussing which is more influential I said Human my coworker said Blackwater Park I just wanted to see where other people stand on this, and why

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Age: 25
From: Argentina

  05.06.2012 at 21:35
Well, Human came out 10 years earlier than BWP, so I'm guessing it would be Human. It has a whole decade of vantage.
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook

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Age: 20
From: Canada

  05.06.2012 at 22:26
Written by Unhealer on 05.06.2012 at 21:35

Well, Human came out 10 years earlier than BWP, so I'm guessing it would be Human. It has a whole decade of vantage.

forever bummed out

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Age: 26
From: UK

  06.06.2012 at 00:32
Is Blackwater Park Influential at all? and why even compare these two albums? Apart from them both being Metal they are nothing like each other.
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From: Syria

  06.06.2012 at 02:50
Totally weird poll. Those album are very different. Human is progressive death metal, while Blackwater Park is death progressive metal. So basically, Human is a death metal album with progressive elements, while BP is a progressive metal album with death metal elements. To answer the poll, I say Human. That album influenced tech death metal bands for years to come.
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Troy Killjoy

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From: Canada

  06.06.2012 at 17:35
Ridiculous poll. Obviously Human is more influential. Hell, literally any Death/Mantas release is more influential than anything Opeth have ever released.
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Angelic Storm

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From: UK

  06.06.2012 at 22:02
Written by Troy Killjoy on 06.06.2012 at 17:35

Ridiculous poll.

Shadow King

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From: USA

  07.12.2012 at 01:57
Objectively speaking, Human is probably the most influential for death metal as a whole. While I personally enjoy Blackwater Park more, if we're talking about albums that have shaped death metal period, then Human would get the vote.
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