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Relationship with your parents/what is your opinion about them?

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Posted by , 08.07.2012 - 12:33
I have lot more reasons to hate my parents than to love them.
I think my father is a control freak and sometime when he realizes this he eases off a little bit. But when it comes to making huge decisions he is always dominating.
My mother is an emotional rapist i think. She cries almost all the time and honestly i think she got that from watching too much TV dramas .

While my dad uses force to make me accept his decision, my mother uses fake emotions to get her way. She wants sympathy from everybody and i hate her for being such a low life.

So bottom line, I hate them and i haven't spoken to them for a year and just hope they get their lives together and stop depending on their children and society.
02.09.2012 - 20:36
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Oh well, I wouldn't listen to metal if I was well adjusted

may be you would have had another reason to listen to metal..

A lot of people listen to metal just to deal with negative emotions. That might even be part of the reason I was initially drawn to it... That's why you see so many young people listen to metal but then move on from it when the teen angst phase is over. But of course there's others who truly fall in love with the genre and enjoy it regardless of what they're feeling.

Definitely agree. When I had bunch of troubles, metal's been like a drug getting me out of the fucked up reality. It is really such a solace for. Only vice versa that now when teen angst is over I listen to metal less, but not because the angst gone, that it is listening to more other genres makes me feel more adaptable and well getting along with the surrounded. You know, a guy with long hair to shoulder is totally outcast among his coldworkers. I was that when in school and always feel different to people around, due to actually metal is not popular but really liking metal for its unique and full of depth also : )
02.09.2012 - 20:38
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Same with me, listening to metal due to some stress needed to calm it down. : )

what you listening to?

Doom, epic mostly, sometimes thrash, power in the past... doom is calm and peace while epic is high lofty and mighty honor