Documentary in works

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13.08.2012 - 18:15

Thats my blog, working on a blog for the moment which i hope to turn into a Documentary, i need you to spread the word. Ive been speaking with several bands about getting on board. Its been a slow process due to many bands being on tour so as it stands i only have one post. But it will continue, once if spreads a bit. Check out! And be as honest about your opinion, constructively. So far i have spoken with Trivium and In Flames. Waiting to hear back from Gojira.
13.08.2012 - 18:27
Edmund Fogg
Nothing new, nothing special about that. A lot of words that doesn't say a lot in the end. Metal is far from being the only music style affected by illegal downloading, and it will never die because of it either. The industry has adapted to it with websites like Bandcamp, Grooveshark, Reverbnation, Soundcloud... In fact thanks to illegal downloading, the underground culture has never been so accessible. Now people just have to start turning towards the other side of the music industry and take interest in small local bands rather then downloading big bands.
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