Similar bands to Crippled Black Phoenix?

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03.09.2012 - 23:50
Hey guys,

I recently got into Crippled Black Phoenix after my brother recommended them to me, I particularly dig their "I, Vigilante" album. If anyone could recommend me some similar music or bands that you also think I would enjoy that would be awesome. I really dig this stuff and would like to find more music like it.

Thanks guys.
04.09.2012 - 04:51
I heard Vigilante just a couple of times, but I guess Steven Wilson's solo albums are pretty close to that sound.
They remind me a lot to Pink Floyd but on the Mankind album, also.
04.09.2012 - 15:43
They're a bit of an oddball band with their blend of post-rock and prog. recommends A Whisper In The Noise, and I assume that to be based on their earlier albums where they had this prog/art rock thing going. The latest is more of a lush, soft dream pop/chamber pop ordeal, but they've had a post-rock vibe going through their while discography. (Then again, also recommends *shels and Blueneck, so take it with a grain of salt. I never got what's so great about CBP so I'm not sure if A Whisper In The Noise have it, but I sure like them.)
16.01.2013 - 03:20
Check out stuff by Long Distance Calling, The Evpatoria Report, Neurosis, Jakob, and Mouth of the Architect.
16.01.2013 - 08:59
In retrospect, I'd probably just recommend The Mars Volta and Samuel Jackson Five.