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Posted by chronic-headache on 20.12.2012 at 04:30
Preferably no metalcore (demon hunter, AILD, etc... are out)
I know of theocracy, but the vocals are almost too cheesy for me (and I'm a huge power metal fan). Mortification is another one I'm aware of, but they don't really do it for me. Somthing a little more extreme than theocracy would be good though.

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  23.01.2013 at 04:21
The showdown. They are southern metal from Tennessee, pretty kickass if your into it. Also, none of their albums sound the same (some are closer to death, others are a unique style of southern metal). Also, the members are christian but they don't try and get all preachy with their music, in fact there are only vague references to christianity.
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  02.02.2013 at 05:45
Saviour Machine, Antestor, Extol and Virgin Black are the only Christian metal artists I've heard that I felt had something genuine to offer musically and thematically and such. I am not a Christian thus I do not connect with a Christian message although I feel the aforementioned have more of a universal, mature appeal. A band like Theocracy, for example, is so over-the-top and in-your-face about their beliefs that it comes across as immature, preachy and obnoxious - I really can't handle that stuff and personally do not understand the appeal.

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  03.02.2013 at 23:13
You need to check out Sinbreed , german power metal. A tad more aggressive than Theocracy, though just as good. Maybe less over-the-top.

Also, like another one said, whatever project(s) the guy from Divinefire / Narnia is in would do it for me.

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  20.02.2013 at 00:50
Syringe, Prog. Death Metal, not in your face preachy. Best of all it's 100% free download from syringeministry.bandcamp.com

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  05.04.2013 at 21:53
Disciple - Some thrashy Tennesee groove-metal. I really only like the Back Again album...they went toward mainstream rock later on.


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  06.04.2013 at 03:04
Golden Resurrection
Theocracy, still I like As THe World Bleeding very much
For ALl Eternity - from Australia, metalcore
Tourniquet - this is unique band that like to invite many guest (Marty Friedman etc.), check their Moth and Rust album
Divine FIre
German Pascual solo album A New Beginning.
Rob ROck and his fellow Impellitteri
Narnia - prog metal

that's all I can think right now
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  26.06.2015 at 21:01
Sympathy ((blackened Death)
Whisper from Heaven (symphonic)
Lacrimosa (gothic, German)
Kohllapse (everyone says their doom metal but I don't see it)
Circle Of Dust (Industrial)
Blessed By A Broken Heart (Glam)
and they've already been mentioned on here but Virgin Black (gothic doom)

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  26.06.2015 at 22:00
I think it might be helpful to link this thread in here.
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  26.06.2015 at 22:42
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  06.07.2015 at 04:05
RED isn't really a metal band, but they have some songs which definitely have some metal in them, and they are one of the best Christian rock bands. I also second Tourniquet, Trouble, and Extol, which stand out even if they weren't Christian.

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