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Posted by , 27.01.2013 - 03:44
New Dido single. Looking forward to the new album because it's Dido, who's awesome. Dido.

23.11.2015 - 21:54
Dark Phoenix
Two words: John Newman. Yepp, I actually dug up this old thread, because of John Newman. Because I'm addicted to his music. Didn't really notice his music until recently, because I don't listen to commerical radio, until I did and now I'm here, with Revolve on repeat. I was always into pop music (well, not all of course, but never hid the fact I do listen to black metal and pop among other things), but the whole soul/pop thing was never my thing. And I mean never. Until this kid came along. Not only is he a talented songwritter (with a hell-a good team of producers & musicians backing him up), but his voice is so unique and strong, he outranks all most of the male pop artists nowadays IMHO. Tribute is great, Revolve is simply stellar. And no, he doesn't need to act like an idiot or bet it on the looks to make an impression. His voice & music do it all for him. Brilliant, brilliant kid. Classy & elegant.

And this is what made him famous: