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New voting system

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03.02.2013 - 05:03
Night Theater
I know it's too late for this, but I think the voting system - while good - could be improved. Here is what I think:

With the current system, I could vote for an album (X) which was very close to another album I like (Y), but, I only get one vote per subgenre. Another person would be in the same boat, and would vote for the album I did (X). Eventually, an artist that most people liked (Y) might be down the bottom, because very little people voted for them, as they voted for (X). This seems okay at first, but (Y) can then be beaten by a less popular album (Z), because hardly anyone voted for (Y).

I think a Gold, Silver and Bronze system would be good, as this would give a little more detail as to where voters are coming from. This system could vary. For example, we could have it that only Gold votes are considered for the votes, while the Silver and Bronze only give an indication of what was also very popular. Or, we could have it that a certain number of Bronze votes turn to Silver votes, and Silver to Gold. Personally, I prefer the former option.

With the former option, we would still have clear winners, where, it would be based numerically; one gold = one vote.

03.02.2013 - 13:14
Heaven Knight
This idea looks nice...i can imagine 1-9 votes means bronze ranking, 10-99 is for silver and 100+ for gold...and everyone can look at the ranking color and see how many votes it represents
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