Melechesh Vs Absu

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Which of these bands has your preference?

None/I am a fag

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20.12.2006 - 03:09
Darth Satanious
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The ancient gods bleed as the mere thought of a battle between these two destructive bands is conceived. To begin, both bands, Absu and Melechesh, have a Mesopotamian/Summerian lyrical approach within their lyrics among their lyrical themes as a whole. Secondly, both bands have played with the Black subgenre within their musical approach. Also, both bands have had Middle Eastern melodies incorporated in their music (differing in the level of focus but present nonetheless). Finally (or as the last relation I can come up with between both bands right now) both bands have relied in the destructive drumming from the inhuman Proscriptor.

As for me, I don't feel in the position of making my mind right now. Nonetheless, I thought that it was very possible that other Metalstormers could already have a preferred band between them and thus I see my predicament as no detraction in allowing them to express themselves. However, if I get to make up my mind I will later on give my opinion, even when no one gives a flying fuck about it.

Which one do you prefer?
20.12.2006 - 04:38
I easily prefer Absu over Melechesh. Absu is faster and thrashier, with some nice drumwork and catchy riffs. Tara is a pretty fucking awesome album and that album alone exceeds anything that Melechesh has released.
20.12.2006 - 04:49
Southern Wind
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For me, this is a battle betwen one of the greatest Black Metal bands nowadays, also one of the most inspired and original, and a just above average Black/Thras act... my vote goes then obviously for Melechesh.
20.12.2006 - 16:17
None/I am a fag

Nearly fell out my chair laughing...uhh, I love Melechesh maybe I should check out Absu first before passing judgement, recommendations? Is Absu more raw and gritty like Melecheshs debut, or is it more in the vein of Melecheshs later sound, more folk influenced BM?
20.12.2006 - 16:54
Bad English
I dunno so much about Melechesh, so I vote for Absu, and I love Absu, so grreat band, same toime old school and amazing, you shood know Celtic mytology to understand them lyrics to knwo more what I think about Absu read my post in Absu tread
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20.12.2006 - 19:45
Account deleted
Absu of course! Better songs, vocals and I like Proscriptor´s drumming more in Absu. Maybe cause i´ve listened to ´em more. Melechesh is great thou!

Absu/I am a fag - CHECK!
20.12.2006 - 19:50
el parcero
I voted melechesh, first because I don't know the other , and also beacuse I think it's agreat band. I like the sound they have, and the vocals are great also. IMO, this is ine of the best BM bands nowadays
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20.12.2006 - 22:02
Mr. Noise
I vote Absu. Tara is a great release, and Melechesh doesn't appeal to me. So it is simple. Though I could also have voted 'I am a fag'.
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21.12.2006 - 01:14
Why the hell do people vote when they don't know the other bands?
22.06.2007 - 21:07
Account deleted
You know you can;t even compare these two bands at all. They are both in completely different leagues. Sure you could always argue that they are both black metal but in the black metal sounds much like Melechesh or Absu. You can all disagree and I'm sure you probably will haha
22.06.2007 - 21:40
Written by Dangerboner on 21.12.2006 at 01:14

Why the hell do people vote when they don't know the other bands?

it's the MS way. People must express their two cents, even when they only know one or two of the bands listed in a poll or even nothing at all about the threads subject matter (see the Punk thread)...

frankly, the "i'm a fag" bit was unwarranted.
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23.06.2007 - 02:12
I like Absu, but I voted Melechesh, because I think they are a lot better, and I listen to them a lot more. I really like the mid-eastern Black Metal they create on their cd's, especially on "Emissaries".
23.06.2007 - 21:10
i like absu, but i think melechesh has a more solid concept than a lot of lack metal bands, the music, and the visual concept is awesome... emisaries front cover design is remakable
24.06.2007 - 20:57
The Bard
Melechesh, I just prefere them more than Absu.
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05.11.2010 - 02:19
Absu is ok, but look at my fucking username. MELECHESH WILL RULE TILL THE END OF TIME AND THEN FOREVER AFTER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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07.12.2010 - 17:02
Account deleted
I like Absu, but i prefer Melechesh.
11.05.2011 - 18:48
Absu forever! I like thei mix of trhash and black
11.05.2011 - 20:56
Melechesh > Absu
As so many people have already stated , i laughed my ass off when I saw the third option .
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David Hilbert
24.05.2011 - 05:45
Hmm. Both are fantastic bands. However, I have to give my vote to Melechesh. Absu is fantastic, thrashier and more vicious, but I've seen Melechesh live and they absolutely blew me away with their show. Plus, the Epigenesis is one of my absolute favorites