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Posted by on 20.05.2006 at 06:20
There have been a lot of threads created in the past about this, but hopefully this can become the definitive guide to depressive bm. If you have any depressive bm bands you enjoy, please share them. I'll start by posting a few (I haven't heard all of them, but I plan to quite soon).

Burzum (Nothing more needs to be said, really)

Drudkh: Awesome band from the Ukraine, especially in terms of atmosphere. In terms of dbm, the first album is probably better than the latter ones (I only have Autumn Aurora which is stunning).

Krohm: Havent heard but plan to get 'A World through Dead Eyes' soon. I would like to hear some opinions.

Beatrik: Again, I only plan to get Journey through the End of Life. I would like some opinions.

Veil: Relatively unknown USBM band. I have heard good things about their release 'Dolor' available from Autumn Winds Prod.

I chose not to mention Xasthur, as I hardly find them depressive, just tedious. WAY overhyped due to this whole 'suicidal blackmetal' craze.
If anyone could post info on some Swedish dbm such as Hypothermia, Kyla, Durthang etc that would be excellent.

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