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Natural Snow Buildings

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22.02.2014 - 20:13

This French band is one that intrigues me a lot lately.
They really have their own sound, so it is quite hard to describe.
I would call it ambient most of the time, but it can get incredibly noisy and rhythmic too.
They use guitars most of the time.

To me, most of their music reminds me a little bit of the universe H. P. Lovecraft created in the beginning of the 20th century. This might partly be because of the titles they give to their songs.
For example: "Chthonian Odyssey / Hells Foundations / A Birth Mark Like A Scar" or "Her Face is Not Her Real Face" or "Cut Joint Sinews & Divided Reincarnation".

Some songs are very long. The album "Daughter of Darkness", that I am listening to most recently, spans 6 CDs and is 7 hours long. The complete album can be listened to on youtube:

The other favorite albums for me are "The Dance of the Moon and the Sun" ( and "Shadow Kingdom" (

One of the songs that summarizes their sound pretty well is the title track of the second album mentioned:

The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

For me, the music is very special and unique. And I think it's incredibly beautiful at times. It can take a while before you get used to their sound and start to appreciate it, but once you do it is hard to let go of.

18.03.2014 - 14:31
I have hear the "Waves of the random sea" album from them, well for me it's indeed relatad to post rock, it can be awkward at times, they quite don't get it all the time, but it's surely interesting and intriguing
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26.05.2014 - 17:46
Weirdo of MS
Written by deadone on 26.05.2014 at 05:22

Natural Snow Buildings - most people call them igloos.