Megadeth's Worst Album

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Posted by Arian Totalis, 20.01.2007 - 01:46
Well, as Awsome as Megadeth is they have also made some real crap in their day as well, as Much as I hate to say it there are some Loads and Reloads in Megadeths Discography. Now don't get me Wrong, I love these guys, but some of the albums they've made.......*Shiver.* When I heard the Song "Almost Honest" For the first time I though they were trying to do Beach rock. But My Vote still goes to Risk, because I used to own this album and I have to say it was one of the most disapointing listening experiences of my life. Now in my oppinion, "the System has failed" is not a bad album at all, in my eyes it is sort of a Redeeming point. The Song "Kick the Chair" I think even feels kinda thrashy, the solo definitly is. But I realize that some may feel that this is merely a continuance of their downward spiral. I have yet to hear United abominations but I have High hopes for it. I put other up because I realize that to some people even Killing is My Business could be considered their worst (Though they'd have to be on Acid :p ) and while I like the album Youthanasia, I could see someone voting it down as well.

Anyway, what do you think?


In your Oppinion, What is Megadeths Worst Album?

The World Needs a Hero
United Ambitions
The System has Failed
Cryptic Writings

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03.12.2011 - 09:14
Risk was brilliant. so fucking terrible it sort of etch-a-sketched how mediocre a decade worth of releases were... Countdown was still the biggest letdown they released. anyone who was expecting awesomeness by the time Risk was due was delusional.

to paraphrase Troy Killdave, Countdown was a poor man's Black Album, and the rest of the 90's followed suit.
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03.12.2011 - 09:18
Troy Killjoy
I can't speak to that because I wasn't there, but I understand what you mean OBC. I think Risk is their worst release, but based on what it followed up... it's like expecting St. Anger to be MoP. There's no reason you should think at that time in their career that they're going to unleash a mindblowing thrash masterpiece. So Risk is the worst overall, but the biggest letdown, as in worst follow-up to something actually good? Ya that'd have to be Countdown.
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31.12.2011 - 18:11
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True Risk was bad, but the follow up was even worse, such worse that the band took a break. The World Needs a Hero was embrassing.
08.10.2012 - 00:00
Secundum Filium
It's obviously Rust In Peace... nah jk, I personally think The World Needs A Hero is their worst. I actually like a few songs on Risk, like "I'll Be There" and "Crush 'Em".
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