Looking for a few MS members interested in helping with Video Reviews

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19.04.2014 - 07:11
Just like title says I am looking for a small group of MS members that would be interested in the production of Video Reviews. I am withholding the title for now. There are so many albums that have no reviews unbelievably a major portion of these are truly classics and need to be presented to those who may not have been around upon initial releases.

This will be "The Other Metal Show" that won't take itself so seriously. Covering the entire metal landscape not leaving out any specific genre. Well maybe a few. I need help with the graphics. editing,promotion and up to 3 co-hosts. Potential co-hosts really need a broad knowledge of music,suitable voice,writing and performing in parodies.

The reason I want MS members is to keep it in house. Once a team is together and has completed a couple of "Pilots" maybe our fine staff here at MS will endorse the project.

Be advised that this 100% voluntary so no payment (future is unknown and anything can happen). If this sounds interesting and you have the skills needed send me a PM and go from there.


08.05.2014 - 17:22
Troy Killjoy
Have you had any applications yet?
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