Law, prisons and legal systems

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Posted by toxx, 16.05.2014 - 08:03
An interesting topic, indeed!

Here we can discuss the the differences in the laws, prisons and legal systems of the world. How is it where you live, and what effect does your system have on criminals? Positive or negative? And what is the worst punishment a criminal can get sentenced to in your country/state?
09.07.2014 - 04:33
Troy Killjoy
Written by deadone on 09.07.2014 at 04:17
Are those proper stats, or just pure "in my experience"?

Just personal experience.

Here are some proper stats:

"The reconviction rate for all the releases in the first year was 44% with the reconviction rate for violence considerably lower (14%). The non-violent reconviction rate was 30% accounting for the majority of reconvictions. In each successive year, the reconviction rate decreased (43% and 41%). Significant differences in rates were found between men and women, with women being reconvicted at much lower rates then men. The reconviction rate for women fell during the three years studied from 30% to 23%. In addition, reconviction rates were higher for Aboriginal male offenders than Non-Aboriginal males (58% vs. 42%). As with women, the reconviction rate for Aboriginal offenders also decreased (57% to 53%).

Finally, slightly more than half of all reconvictions occurred after the offenders completed their sentences. Approximately 15% to 19% of reconvictions occurred while under supervision and 24% to 26% of reconvictions were after the completion of sentence." (Source)
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09.07.2014 - 05:05
Troy Killjoy
Written by deadone on 09.07.2014 at 04:45
Is it a case of:
2. Cultural factors (Australian bogan culture is criminalised by default due to complete social acceptance of drug and alcohol abuse as well as violence as means of resolving problems).

3. Better assimilation of migrants to create better opportunities and thus deter from criminal activities (in Sydney and Melbourne, certain ethnic groups have been very active in certain crimes e.g. car theft rings run by Lebanese or heroin smuggling run by Vietnamese gangs).

We definitely haven't done it all better, although I'm sure the leaders of our country would love to hear that their propaganda is working. In fact our prison system is something that has been consistently regarded as one of the worst of all developed nations, rivaled only by the likes of the US.

I highlighted number 2 and 3 since those are the ones I think might be a legitimate reason for our success as it were. Culturally, Canadians are generally considered to be a very passive, non-violent, and socialist group of people. I have lived - or at least spent a significant amount of time - in all of Canada's provinces aside from Nova Scotia and I can honestly say this is a pretty fair generalization.

Ultimately all the other reasons you listed are problems that exist in Canada just like anywhere else.
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09.07.2014 - 08:46
no one
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Written by deadone on 09.07.2014 at 03:29

... got that all from my little post. I never said burglary wasn't a bad crime, i just don't think you should be murdered for it.

To be honest me and you will never agree on much so i'm not going to commit to any argument, especially when i know it will never go anywhere.

ps You got the wrong idea if you relate my posts to those lecture examples.
14.07.2014 - 04:12
But getting a tarred tire thrown around your neck while burning alive sounds terrible. Jeez. That's fucking crazy!

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