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Posted by deadone on 14.07.2014 at 08:15
Disclaimer: This topic is based on people I've met in real life. It's probably no more than a couple of hundred individuals spread across time and different scenes so a rather small and useless sample size.

I was just thinking about what sort of people listen to metal and it's dawned to me that there's quite a few metal bands that don't seem to appeal to metalheads I've met in real life.

For purposes of this pointless exercise I will categorise fans into 3 groups:

Metalheads - live and breath metal, don't listen much to non-metal genres.

Alternative rockers - listen to mainly modern mainstream alternative music from Nirvana onwards. Includes Nu-Metal crowd who seldom stuck to Nu-Metal only and had much more diverse listening patterns than average metalhead.

Hard rockers - listen to mainly pre-1990 hardrock ala AC/DC, Screaming Jets, Led Zeppelin or more punky stuff ala MC5, Hellacopters, Ramones etc etc.

Accept - Never met anyone who actually liked or listened to them.

Anthrax - Only met a 3 guys who liked them, 1 was a metalhead (also liked Judas Priest - see below) and the other two were mainly hard rock guys and 1 only liked the singles. Even the new Thrash converts and old Thrashers didn't listen to them.

Black Sabbath - Never met a metalhead in real life who listened to Sabbath. Only guys I knew who loved Black Sabbath were the hard rock crowd.

Dio - Never met anyone who actually liked or listened to them

Judas Priest - only ever met one person (metalhead) who liked/listened to them even though I knew several people who lived and breathed power metal.

Metallica - The biggest Metallica fans I've met were generally people more into alternative rock or hard rock. Some of the Metal guys did listen to Metallica but none seemed to big into it compared to the alternative rock/hard rock types.

Motorhead - Never met anyone who actually liked them, bar one rock guy who brought their first album cause it was cheap and then went and saw them play but couldn't tell you the difference between Overkill and Ace of Spades (he was by his own definition a music whore).

Ozzy Osbourne - I knew a couple of hard rock fans who liked them but never any metalheads

White Zombie - only ever met one person (alternative rocker) who liked them even though I've met plenty of Nu-Metallers/Alt Rockers who liked Rob Zombie.

Meanwhile really popular metal bands with metal heads were Opeth, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, Cradle of Filth, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Lamb Of God etc but also lots of Death Metal ala Suffocation, Carcass (excluding Swansong and/or Heartwork depending on how true they were), Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse or were almost exclusively into Black Metal.

Of course forums are different but they do represent a small percentage of the metal crowd.

Has anyone else noticed popular metal bands actually not being liked by the metal crowd?

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  16.07.2014 at 09:11
They are the one good band I discovered through ReverbNation.
Flatulent Walrus

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  17.07.2014 at 12:22
Most metallers I know are big into Sabbath. Everything that came after Sabbath is kinda up for debate, but I've never met anyone who didn't get 'em.

Of the really big bands, I think Priest is the one that splits people the most. I've heard a lot of 'not as good as Maiden', 'too American sounding', 'they sold out' type comments over the years. I love most of what Priest has done, but I can understand why they prove difficult for some people.

I suspect a lot of this is regional and age related. I live in London, most of my friends are in their 20s. The sound in London right now is all doom, doom, doom, doom, doom. So it stands to reason Sabbath is worshiped at the minute. There used to be a big metalcore scene here, but I don't know so many people into that. It's more punky I guess, and I don't really know so many folks in those circles.

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  17.07.2014 at 15:05
This is just a hypothesis, but do the metalheads in question have actually listened to the bands you have listed more than just a couple of popular tracks, such as an entire album? For example, if your opinion on Judas Priest is based on "Breaking the Law" and it's disappointing, then why go further when you have Europowerband #2 right there, which might be more to your tastes? And a similar thing could have happened with the rest of the bands as well - listened to a few popular tracks (which are not representative of the bands sound as a whole), formulated their opinion and moved on. Also there's the question of what sort of a background they had when going to the classics - going from a modern sound (being used to harshness, brutality) to older sound (milder, softer) can be quite the turn-off.

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