Våld (the best Grindcrust band from Finland Mp3's)

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21.05.2006 - 22:46
Damn it guys I found one of the best bands in Grindcore history, they play some kind of grind with crust influences and some other shits...but hell they are brilliant. Again I did not hesitate to show them to you all, so here you have some Mp3's to enjoy.

Mind Revolt
Fuck Fashion

Fuck fasion will fucking blow your brains out in the most marvelous way dudes...try them and give comments as usual.
23.05.2006 - 00:15
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Great songs, Fuck fashion is amazing. The whole album is actually. why the hell nobod posts here?
23.05.2006 - 00:23
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I have Boycott your life.. I don't really find it to be anything that amazing, nothing that hasn't been done before. I would like it a LOT more if it wasn't so produced and more... well, crusty.
there needs to be more d-beat in grind goddamnit
EDIT: actually, everything needs more d-beat
23.05.2006 - 19:29
Damn it Herzebeth... Lol.. I was about to post on these guys... Oh well...

Yeh Våld are amazing... I downloaded the tracks you recomended after the review... I have to say that I found them brilliant.. Im looking into getting Boycott your Life now...

Another thing thats great about them is their lyrical theme, they always have something important to talk about...
24.05.2006 - 01:06
Bloody Rain
I Am The Night
Yeah, these guys are pretty good. Fuck Fashion is a really catchy song. Mind Revolt is not quite as good as the other, but still a good song nonetheless. Vald is a good find, that's for sure.
24.05.2006 - 02:08
Yeh... I prefer Fuck fashion to Mind Revolt aswell...
11.06.2006 - 19:43
Mr. Noise
Fuck Fashion. Where did I hear that before? Nice stuff. But not amazing, if you ask me. Nevertheless good.
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