The last concert you missed and why?

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Posted by Darth Satanious, 17.05.2006 - 02:55
At times obstacles get in our way to do something as simple as assisting to the performances of those bands we love and adore can be. Obstacles like exams, work, parents, age, money, etc. which make us renounce to the opportunity of listening to great bands live. It has happened to me with a few bands (I say few bands because my country has not been graced with the visits of many bands), bands like Hatebreed, Six Feet Under, Soulfly, Megadeth, Iron Maiden (well, I wasn't even listening to Metal when they got here but I will blame my ignorance for missing them then lol), Judas Priest, among others.

Here you can share with your fellow metalstormers your sorrow, your frustration of missing those concerts. Do not forget to tell us why you missed them.

As for me, the last concert I missed was Dream Theater playing at our capital. Why did I miss these Progressive Metal deities? I had no way of getting into San Juan that night so I had to miss it.
10.09.2016 - 03:09
Crimson Maiden
Ha, is a small world---is cool you used to live in Atlanta....I have never been to Brazil, always wanted to go to Rio...Yup, sometimes I regret things I did in the really did not have much time to prepare if you found out the day it was happening..Yeah, I would appreciate learning about some bizarre music...Thanks!!