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Posted by Taktsekte on 23.05.2006 at 00:14
Believe me, there was no Rammstein topic before.

One of the most well-known German bands. They started their characteristic Industrial sound with Herzeleid, which had powerful songs like "Asche Zu Asche" or "Du Riechst So Gut". Then came Sehnsucht, a musically more mature work ("Spiel Mit Mir", "Tier", "Engel") that included their hit "Du Hast". In 2001, Rammstein released their masterpiece Mutter (their best album so far in my opinion) with great songs like "Feuer Frei!", "Links 234" or "Spieluhr".

After the release of "Mutter", many Rammstein fans were disappointed, as the band recorded a blatantly weaker album called Reise, Reise. This one featured some radio-friendly songs that kept the old Rammstein sound ("Amerika", "Stein Um Stein"), but the inclusion of an annoying female voice in "Moskau", a simple rhythm with no structure in "Los" and those two ballads to finish the album ("Ohne Dich", "Amour") didn't please the broad fanbase of the band in general. Last year, their last album, Rosenrot, came to the light. It was another controversial album that features an unorthodox song sung in Spanish ("Te Quiero Puta!") and a duet with Till Lindemann and Sharleen Spiteri ("Stirb Nicht Vor Mir") among other songs.

My favourite Rammstein album is Mutter and my favourite songs by them are "Asche Zu Asche", "Feuer Frei!" and "Stirb Nicht Vor Mir" (which I find so beautiful). What do you think about this band?

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From: USA

  13.07.2012 at 16:29
I love rammstein! my father is a huge fan of them and got me into them when i was young, he used to show me the du-hast video frequently
my favorite is album is: rosenrot
my favorite song is: Mein Herz brennt

i mea they are awesome! this vid proves it:
"they can't stop us,let them try,for heavy metal we will die"
"on olemassa asioita karmivimmat yönä olen yksi heistä."
" we are the new bucolic,we are the pulse of the maggots"

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From: Finland

  13.07.2012 at 23:13
Pretty good band. Going to start buying their albums soon, though Herzeleid and Sehnsucht are superior to their later work which is good aswell, just not in the same level.

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From: Austria
  20.07.2012 at 22:31
Love all albums .. they may not be very innovative but they sure know how to convey the energy in their songs

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From: USA

  23.09.2012 at 03:43
I'm thinking it's time for a new album!
Valentin B

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Age: 26
From: Belgium

  23.09.2012 at 15:33
With my great current German level I have finally began to understand the topics of R+'s songs, and I must say I'm surprised they're not much more infamous.. just from the last album there are around 4 songs specifically about a combination of BDSM, abduction and rape (the title track is about raping a girl at the beach) and including the disturbing Wiener Blut which is about Fritzl. Good thing they balance the disturbing lyrics which some that are quite funny like for Pussy, which is about going to other countries to get laid.
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Fallen Ghost
Metal & Beer

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From: Norway

  07.11.2012 at 14:59
Rammstein is the best band I've seen live, EVER! Worlds best live band if you ask me! It's gonna be sick at Wacken next year..
Haters gonna hate, and ainters gonna aint
stupid noob
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  23.01.2013 at 02:37
One of my favorite non-American metal bands, but still nowhere near my top 10. I think they write a lot of fun and catchy songs that you can either dance OR rock out to, but they have too many crappy songs in my opinion. And some really annoying ones, like Du Hast! I hear it in movies and at clubs and even once on the radio! They have so many better songs that never get any attention and I have to go on Youtube to listen to them.

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