The Last Metal Concert(?)

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Posted by , 03.05.2007 - 02:04
ok, I'm going to get a bit "role-playing" on your behinds so listen up:

imagine the following scenario:
The year is 2009 (!), and Hip-hop, trance, country, pop techno (etc) has totally "overshadowed" the genre of metal.
The world leaders are therefore planning of banning metal for good, since there's no obvious reason in keeping the genre alive,
except for running outcomes.
Heroic (hey!) and as metalhead as you are, you deny, and beg the world leaders for a chance to keep metal alive.

The world leaders agree that this is reasonable, since the "dying man/woman" always get to say a few last words, so they decide
that the only chance that metal is going to exist as a genre (in the ways of launching CDs/MP3s or whatever they use in 2009), is for you
and a group of men/women, to hold a last Metal concert, to convince them, that metal deserves to live as much as the other genres.
You get to choose 4(or only 3 if you wish) others to play with you (don't think about skill etc, however, they must be alive at this writing date), and then you have to choose 8 Songs that you're going to play (we all know it's way too little to show the whole aspect of metal but hey, they're the ones in charge), and if you don't convince people, that metal is truly great, metal will forever perish( BAM BAM BAAAA!).

so, my questions are as following:

Which 4(or less) other musicians would you want to play with you? (skills doesn't matter in this "assignment").

And what 8 songs, would YOU play, to make people realise that metal deserves to live? (again, don't think about skills or anything, a magic power-metal wizard gave you some magic pot so you can sing, play however you like).

The choice is yours, and the fate of metal lies in your hands... (whoa!)
31.08.2011 - 17:39
The band,
KK Downing/Dave Murray - guitar
Me - Bass/ Vocals
Kai Hansen - Vocals/ guitar
Nikko McBrain - Drums
Tuomos Holopainen - keyboartds (if needed)

Classics, ballads, Heavy, etc..

Remember Yesterday - Hammerfall
The Trooper - Iron Maiden
Die for metal - Manowar
Reformation - Amorphis
Fade to Black - Metallica
Rasputin - Turisas
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Amaranth - Nightwish
Fear the Old Blood
31.08.2011 - 17:44
Account deleted
Hmm.. all right then:
Vocals: Corpsegrinder
Guitar: Buckethead
Bass: Geezer Butler
Drums: Dave Lombardo

A now:
1- Iron Man- Black Sabbath
2- Painkiller- Judas Priest
3- Ace of Spades- Motorhead
4- Master of Puppets- Metallica
6- Black Metal- Venom
7- Hammer Smashed Face- Cannibal Corpse
8- The Grand Conjuration- Opeth
31.08.2011 - 18:26
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Imma have to think about this one XD
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31.08.2011 - 18:47
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Vocals: Adam Trakinskas or Brian Fair
Guitar: Muhammed Suicmez
Bass: me ( or matt harris or sean beasly)
Drums: Trey Williams

Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
Shepard's Commandement - Dying Fetus
Idle Hands - Shadows Fall
Black Metal Bicycle - Cancer Bats
Twiglight Of The The Thunder God - Amon Amarth
Leper Messiah - Metallica
Blood in Heaven - Kataklysm
Shadow World - The Haunted
that took awhile
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