Do you think Iron Maiden are power metal?

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23.02.2018 - 22:52
I'm sure a lot of other forums have talked about this, but I want to know what we all think on this one, we all know that the NWOBHM led up to power metal, and that songs such as 'Run To The Hills' and 'Fear Of The Dark', etc are quite power metallish and come to think of it, the older albums with Bruce Dickinson on them are probably the most power metallish of all of the discography. I'm sure you could also say basically what I wrote about if Black Sabbath are doom metal.
23.02.2018 - 22:59
JoHn DoE
No, I don't think they're power metal but they have influenced it.
I also think Black Sabbath are not doom metal. They more or less created that sound, but I wouldn't classify them as "doom". At some point, on the band's profile they were classified as "heavy rock". That's what they were. Calling them "doom" ruins all the uniqueness they had back in the 70s. Now their genre (tag) is changed.
24.02.2018 - 03:19
Written by JoHn DoE on 23.02.2018 at 22:59

At some point, on the band's profile they were classified as "heavy rock". That's what they were. Calling them "doom" ruins all the uniqueness they had back in the 70s. Now their genre (tag) is changed.

Yeah, that is a very good point, I heavily agree with the way you've put sabbath
25.02.2018 - 22:44
I've always thought that if Iron Maiden came out today, or like the past 30 years I guess, they'd be considered power metal
25.02.2018 - 23:00
JoHn DoE
^ which power metal is that, the Euro or US Power?

Nobody would call IM power metal, they are the quintessential heavy metal band, along with Judas Priest.
26.02.2018 - 01:15
At best deranged
I wouldn't call them power metal tbh. Their older albums are as traditional heavy metal as you can get and their newer stuff wouldn't fit at all in the power metal category (at least imo).
26.02.2018 - 03:23
They're definitely heavy metal, but a lot of their song have similarities to power metal, like their fast tempos and mighty, melodic vocals, among other things. I think of 'em as kinda proto-powermetal, but mostly heavy metal.
26.02.2018 - 15:43
The Shape 1973
More like power metal is Iron Maiden.

Kai Hansen is one of the originators of power metal and Gamma Ray has been an Iron Maiden and Judas Priest tribute band for years
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26.02.2018 - 17:54
Are Iron Maiden power metal? Sure, why not. That doesn't negate all the other things they are though.

Genres are a hint at most since there are similar seeming bands with entirely different musical roots. Boil down Iron Maiden and you might get The Kinks; Helloween possibly Bach. I think overall it's more valuable to describe the music with more words, at least a full sentence, rather than put a genre stamp on things.
18.09.2018 - 16:02
The Sasquatch
No, NWOBHM is a precursor to speed metal, which is a precursor to power metal. Power Metal only really became a thing in the 90s, even the classics like Blind Guardian, Helloween, Running Wild, and Gamma Ray were playing something a lot closer to Speed Metal early on, and from there we got Edguy, Angra, Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica along others that really solidified the style and helped create that distinct power metal sound (keyboards, dual guitar harmonies, clean vocal, "epic" feel).

So IMO no, Iron Maiden is not power metal despite being a huge influence on Speed and Power.
19.09.2018 - 14:01
Bad English
Only close to power metal Maiden was was whit 7th son album , rest is pure HM , only paul was more less NWOBHM ''sound'' what was a lit softer as IM has ever plaid.
How people you can not see diference between PM and HM, Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarius, Rhaposdy, its bit cheaser , more catchy, more girly, HM has heavy riffs, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Rebellion are HM, same as maiden.
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10.08.2019 - 19:59
More other than of few power metal. Identify power metal is cheesy to clarify. And especially cheesy european metal.