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Posted by , 17.05.2007 - 16:42
I had to do it guys, the matt barlow thread is here... Im watching the Alive in Athens DVD. I might have to have a look at his future albums with pyramaze. But lest we forget the Iced Earth years with Matt Barlow as the frontman... A goldrern era for metal music. He has incredible vocal range and control, and the emotion that flows through him into his voice is amazing and IMO that is what makes him so listenable, and so unique in his own ways. He is also extremely versatile ranging from full blow death growls to old thrash style to David Bowie and Bruce Dickinson.
So feel free to Hail Matt Barlow... or criticise if you must... Discuss the man himself whether you love this awesome singer, or you are reserved about his style.
13.05.2008 - 20:31
Gordon Freeman
Soooo, mabye I haven't read thru the entire thread but I haven't seen any mention that Matt Barlow is no longer with Pyramzae and is once again with Iced Earth.

And to Haightredy-Beyond Fear is a so-so band. If you want to hear the best project Tim Owens fronted then you want Winters Bane. He was only with the band for one album "Heart of a Killer" but it was one hell of an album. Coincidently, Winters Bane really sucks since Owens left.
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09.03.2009 - 22:11
I was blessed to see Iced Earth when they toured last year... Barlow has the most intense stage presence that i have seen... the way he just poses in the front like he is waiting to withstand a tsunami... and his rendition of "High Water Mark" was the most intense, moving and brutal thing EVER!!!
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15.03.2009 - 18:42
Matt Barlow is my favorite vocalist of all time. Everything he's done with Iced Earth has been amazing. It's a pleasure to have him back in the band finally(who called that he'd come back?cops weren't givin him enough respect I suppose) and I see great releases in the future. Crucible of Man was alright but seemed like it was meant for Ripper Owens. It actually was meant for him to sing on it cause Shaffer was finished with the album before Barlow considered coming back. Anyways, I was an idiot and missed Iced Earth when they came through Mass. Shame on Me
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