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Posted by Damnated on 25.05.2006 at 13:11
I mean the education what we recieve in schools. What do you think? IMO education is manipulation, cuz we learn what the government tells us, and the simple fact that sometimes history books are different in countries, makes you think, or not?

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  02.03.2013 at 03:01
Of course... You think Columbus discovered America? You think there is no biological basis for race? You think there have never been genocides against white people? I could go on...
The word gen means "illusion" or "apparition." In India, a man who uses conjury is called a genjutsushi ["a master of illusion technique"]. Everything in this world is but a marionette show. Thus we use the word gen.

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  08.10.2013 at 19:53
I don't think the purpose of the educational system in the United States is to manipulate children. I do, however, believe that our political climate has a huge influence on school curriculum, which sometimes results in bad educational practice. Politicians at every level have also been robbing our schools for years. When I was in high school in 2003, I was using a history book from the 80's. It's unfair to cut funding for childrens' educations and expect them to try to earn it back through grant programs based on school performance. The schools aren't performing well because their resources have been cut over and over again to fund foreign wars and corporate bailouts.
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  03.02.2014 at 05:05
Wow just saw this thread.

Of course education is a form of manipulation.

It's main purpose is to "manipulate" children inot becoming useful members of society through not only formal currculum but through socialisation.

There is some degree of manipulation to promoting current values ala multiculturalism but this has always happened and it's to ensure values and principles of a society are maintained.

When I was in high school in 2003, I was using a history book from the 80's.

When I was at Uni, the newest books for certain subjects dated to the 1960s and 1970s. This was in 1999-2002.

Trade relations have come along a long way since Kennedy Round of GATT talks (62-67) or the European Economic Community.

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