NIHILISTIC: Underground Distro/ France

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16.12.2018 - 11:31
NIHILISTIC is an underground distro located in France and specialized in distributing underground demos: Tapes and CD, a bunch of fanzines...

The basis styles are Death metal, some old brutal death, and a bit of thrash...

The distro list was reworked to offer a better surfability, and to look better.
Now you can browse the content by styles and categories...Visit and support the morbidity!

16.12.2018 - 11:31
Last distro news

ANGKOR VAT (Uruguay) Southern blood Demo tape. Old school thrash (Rerelease of demo from 1989)

ARAGON (Pol) Executed by gibbet Demo tape. Obscure cavern black death

DEFORMATOR (?) Demo MMXIV Tape. Old school metal/ Death metal

ROT (Pol) Messiah death CD. Furious black death influenced by Blasphemy.

TEMPLUS EXECRATO (Mex) Templus execrato Demo tape. Fast hateful Death metal. (Members of Infernal conjuration, Omision)

THE CRUCIFIXION PATH (Chile) Advance 2015 Demo CDr. Black thrash with death metal touches.(Members of Profound Grave, Satanic Ripper)

THRONEUM (Pol)/ PAZUZU (Costa rica) "In the crypt of the hakeldamach feld" Split tape. Death black/ Old school death

TRAUMASPHERE (Fra) Voidcall Demo tape. Dark and twisted death metal with old school roots

WITCH TRAIL (Bel) Call from the grave Demo tape. Black thrash like early Bathory.
20.12.2018 - 11:22
Last distro news

ANGUISH (Usa) Under the influence Tape. Hard rock/ Rock'n roll/ Speed, sounds like old Motorhead

ASSUMPTION (Ita) Absconditus CD. Death doom

CASTLEUMBRA (Mex) Cthulu wgah'nagl fntagn MCD. Digipack. Obscure death

CHEROKEE (Ger) Wakan tanka nin un MCD. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock

DEVILISH (Chile) Promo Advance MMXVII Tape. Retro death metal

LACERATION (Usa) Imitation Demo tape. Death metal/ Death thrash

NIHILISTIC BURST (Chile) Nihilistic burst Demo tape. Death black/ Retro death

NOX COVEN (Chile) De las sombras misterios ocultos Demo tape. Black metal

SADOTANK (Hol) Black thrash assault CD. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

TRANSGRESSOR (Jap)/ PYOGENESIS (Ger)/ HIDEOUS CORPSE (Usa) Symphonies of death split CD. Old school death. Contains old demo or Ep from the 90's.

WITCHFIST (Usa) Witchfist Demo tape. Stoner doom

Zine: DEADLY ILLNESS #5: Opium lord, Cadaveric incubator, Necrolepsy, Violent hammer, Church of misery, Ice dragon, Ohyda, Dark hall (Steve di giorgio), Streaks recs,Godchilla, Intolerable noisechestra... 52 pages. A5. In english. 2018
27.12.2018 - 12:19
Last distro news:

BATTLEMASTER (Usa) Battlehungry and swordsworn Tape. Black thrash

BLACK BLEEDING (Bel) The awakening Demo tape. Great death black
(I found two copies of this demo I released long time ago!)

BONE SICKNESS (Usa) Bone sickness Promo tape. Death metal

CHEMICIDE (Costa rica) Radioactive annihilation Demo tape. Old school thrash

INSOLITUM (Bra) Infestus Demo tape. Old school death

TIRAN (Russia) Apocalyptic tales CD. Old school thrash

TRASCENDUM (Chile) Arcanvs mortem Demo tape. Black metal with ambient touches.

UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN (Chile) El culto sin nombre - The nameless cult CDr. Obscure death. (Compilation with the first demos and Eps).

VERTHEBRAL (Paraguay) Regeneration Tape. Death metal

VA - INFERNOS... #1. Compilation tape: Deluge, Sophistes, Descend, Fuck the facts, Ciribus, Bombthreat, Surgical dissection, Vomit snack... Compilation from 2002 with death metal and grindcore bands.
12.01.2019 - 10:41
Last distro news:

BOKLUK (Spa) Moat realm Demo tape. Swedish styled Death metal

DEATHROOM (Turkey) Violate the new born Demo tape 1993. Old death metal (Seems to be a bootleg)

DERANGED (Chile) Burst of violence Demo tape. Old school thrash

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cryogenically revived Tape. Old school death

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cavern of foul unbeings Tape album. Old school death

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cryogenically revived MCD. Old school death

HELL PATROL (Pol) From ruins into ashes CD. Black/ thrash

KOROIDIA (Usa) Apparitions Demo tape. Death metal in the 90's style, reminds me of Brutality, Morbid angel, Morta skuld.

MARCA ACME (Uruguya) Nuestra ira Demo tape. Thrash metal

RABIES (Philippines) Death sentence to mankind CD. Digipack. Old styled thrash

AKOLYYTTI (Fin) Torch of the black flame Demo tape. 90's styled black metal, sounds like early Emperor.

GRONDE (Fra) Gronde Demo tape. Black metal

AGALARIETH (Chile) Dark path begins Demo tape. Black metal
16.01.2019 - 13:01
Webshop : Clearer shipping and cheaper shipping option !

The webshop was updated with the new shipping prices, It looks clearer and I have added a new option:
If you order two CDs, I can send it without plastic cases (But well packaged), to save money on postage. You can save from 2,00 to 3,90 Euros!
Some of the CDs already have a low price, now you can reduce again the total price!


NEW WEBSHOP In the following months.

In a few months I will be forced to build another webshop, the one I currently use on Tictail will migrate to Shopify, it won't be free anymore… I'm thinking about hosting a new webshop on my own web domain… This will probably take dozen of hours to set the website correctly, and upload the distro content… Any orders to reduce the size of the stock (Especially CDs and MCDs) will be welcome, to reduce the time spent setting everything…
And the peoples who subscribed to Tictail to receive notifications, won't receive it anymore.
This is another load of unnecessary work coming after the cessation of the free webshost I used for the webzine… Real underground in 2018/2019 becomes harder and harder.

26.01.2019 - 10:47
Last distro news:

DETRIKTUSS (Columbia) Dehumanized with rage Tape. Fast satanic death metal

ENVENOMED (Chile) Maleficent supreme incarnation MCD. Death metal/ Thrashing death

FALL OF SERAPHS (Fra) Destroyer of worlds MCD. Digipack. Death metal

IMPURE DESECRATION (Gre) Immolate the templars of the whoreson Demo tape. Obscure death black

INSINERATEHYMN (Usa) A moment in a vision Tape. Death metal

KIRA (Pol) Ancient lies CD. Black death (Members of Nomad, Repossession...)

NEKROPULSE (Ger) Demo 2018 Tape. Black death

STARLIGHT RITUAL (Can) Age of the universe Demo tape. Heavy doom

WOLF SERMON (Uk) Demo 2016. Tape. Death doom
09.02.2019 - 13:06
Last distro news:

VALGRIND (Ita) Morning will come no more Tape. Old school death metal (Think about old Morbid Angel, first Immolation, early Death, old Pestilence...)

BLACK VUL DESTRUKTOR Bestial obscure metal kaos Demo tape. Black death

CRYPTIC REALM (Mex/ Gre) The rotten is alive Demo tape. Old school death

DEATHSLAUGHTER (Bra) Resurrection of an antediluvian demon Demo tape. Black thrash speed

SIN OF GOD (Hungary) Aenigmata Tape. Death metal/ Satanic 'brutal" death

WRATHRONE (Fin) Born beneath Tape. Death metal
16.02.2019 - 10:29
Last distro news:

ARMAGEDDON DEATH SQUAD (Fra) Necrosmose CD. Digipack. Death metal, between old school death and old brutal death.

BESTIAL DEVASTATOR (Ger) Until death occurs...CD. Black thrash

COFFIN CURSE (Chile) Gathered unto death Demo tape. Old school death

CONSUMED (Chile) Dehumanize to demonize MCD. Digipack. Death metal

GOD DISEASE (Fin) Rebirth of horror MCD. Digipack. Old school death with doom influences.

SEMENTERIO (Chile) Death metal from beyond the grave Demo tape. Old school death metal/ thrash the cavern underground way. (Rerelease of demo from 1992)

TOOD (Uk) Tood Demo tape. Stoner doom
02.03.2019 - 11:50
Last distro news:

ATAVISMA (Fra) The chthonic rituals CD. Obscure death doom

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cavern of foul unbeings Tape album. Old school death

EJECUTOR (Chile) Muerte... el orgasmo de la vida Tape. Old school death/ thrash

FUNERAL WHORE (Hol) Phantasm Tape. Old school death

GOD'S FUNERAL (Spa) El cristo de las trincheras Demo tape. Doom/ Death doom

INFAME (Chile) No hay quien nos salve Demo tape. Obscure death doom

LETHAL INFECTION (Chile) The chant of the black prophecies Demo tape. Black death

NECROPHILIAC (Spa) Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors Tape. Old death metal. Rerelease of an album from 1992.

NUCLEUS (Usa) Sentient Tape. Death metal

RAVENOUS DEATH (Mex) Ominous deathcult MCD. Old school death

BONEYARD (Spa)/ DEAD HAND CARESS (Spa) Split CD. Death metal/ Grindcore influenced by old Carcass.
09.03.2019 - 12:53


The price of many CDs have been reduced!
Help me to make some space before moving to the new webshop!

06.04.2019 - 10:23
Last distro news:

CRYPT OF SILENCE (Ukraine) Awareness ephemera CD. Doom/ Death doom

DECAYING REMAINS (Uk) Decaying remains Demo tape. Obscure death

DEUS OTIOSUS (Ger) Sis mortuus mondo MCD. Old school death

DISGUSTOR (Swe) Gate of flesh and bone Demo tape. Old styled satanic death/ Black death

GOATBLOOD (Ger) Gasmask devastation rerror Demo tape. Primitive black.death

NORNES (Fra) Vanity MCD. Digisleeve. Doom metal

SATANIC (Can) From hell Tape. Old school thrash/ death

SEPUKU (Uk) Demo & live perversions Tape. Death metal/ Thrash

STRIGOI (Chile) Strigoi MCD. Blackened old school death

THE MOON MISTRESS (Rus) Demo tape. Doom/ Stoner

THRONEUM (Pol) Studio rehearsals Tape. Death metal/ Death black

VALGRIND (Ita) Blackest horizon Tape. Fast death metal (Last album on tape)

WHIPSTRIKER (Bra) Only filth will prevail Tape. Old school heavy/ speed

WOLFSHEAD (Fin) Caput lupinum MCD. Heavy/ Doom
10.04.2019 - 20:26
The pleasures of building a new webstore :

I didn't realize, but most of countries weren't activated, except from France and a FEW European countries. So almost no one located in Europe or world could place an order… AhAh…
I realized today that almost all the orders I got with the new webshop are from France.
It should all work now! PFFFIEWW…

14.04.2019 - 11:55
Last distro news:

BLACK CEREMONIAL KULT (Chile) Communion of the ancient gods CD. Obscure death black

DEATH INVOKER (Peru) Promo 2019 CDr. Old school death black/ thrash

EVIL MADNESS (Chile) INFANT DEATH (Nor) Split CD. Old school thrash/ Black thrash

TELEPORT (Slovenia) Stellar damnation Demo tape. Old styled technical thrash

WULFAZ (Denmark) Eriks Kumbl Demo tape. Black metal

Fanzine: LEGION OF TORTURE (Peru) Issue 4: Infernal execrator, Manzer, Nocturnal Vomit, Black magic mountain goat, corpse grinder, Qasam, Rito profanatorio... Peruvian death metal special... + Reviews. 24 pages. A4. In english. 2019.

2nd hand zine: BORN DEAD (Canada) issue 6: General surgery, Cerebral turbulency... + Reviews, articles... 28 pages. A5. In english. Approx 2005

2nd hand zine: SENTINELLE (Fra) Issue D: Spear of longinus, Legion of death recs, Invoker, Lion's pride, Nokturnal mortumn, 101 rules of nu metal... + Chroniques, articles... 56 pages. A5. In french. 2006.

2nd hand zine: IN EXTREMIS (Fra) Issue 6: Blacklodge, Skinless, Negate, Exhumed, Misery index, Nightfall, Supuration, Prostiture disfigurement, Bloodshed, Nydvind, The arrival of satan, Your shapeless beauty, Mnemic, Elysium, Gorerotted, Dew scented,.. + chroniques... 56 pages. A5. In french. 2003.

2nd hand zine: IN EXTREMIS (Fra) Issue 44: Manzer, Karbonized traitor, Feu gregeois, Stav, Darkenhold... + chroniques... 36 pages. A5. In french. 2010
20.04.2019 - 09:26
Last distro news:

BLOODPHEMY (Hol) Bloodline Tape. Death metal/ Old brutal death

GLADIADOR (Paraguay) In... Requiescat in Pace CD. Old school thrash/ speed/ black

GOD'S FUNERAL (Spa)/ BLAZAR (Spa) Split tape. Doom death doom/ Doom death sludge.

HELLBORN (Can) Pillage in the land of god Tape. Old death metal.

MASTER OF CRUELTY (Paraguay) Archaic visions of the underworld CD. Black/ Death/ Thrash.

OFFENCE (Pol)/ TRAUMA (Pol) Split MCD. Old school death (7Ep rereleased on CD).

PULVERIZED (Chile) Monuments of misanthropy Tape Lp. Death metal/ Old brutal death.

SANGUS (Usa) Saevitia Tape. Black metal/ Black thrash.

SKRUPEL (Ger) Skrupel Tape Lp. Grindcore.

TIRAN (Russia) Apocalypse in bulgaria Tape. Old styled thrash.

DAMAGE SOURCE (Ger) ... Come deterioration Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash metal

LEWIS & THE STRANGE MAGICS (Spa) The ginger session Tape. Retro rock/ Psychedelic

BLACK TORMENT (Mex) Catacomb of blinding blasphemies CD. Black metal
30.04.2019 - 10:57
Last distro news:

EPITAPHE (Fra) Demo MMXVII Tape. Obscure death/ Death doom with an experimental approach

FUNERAL WHORE (Hol) Phantasm Tape. Old school death

DIG ME NO GRAVE (Rus) The valley of serpents MCD. Death metal

GLORIFICATION (Paraguay) Against all adversity - A hymn of demonic victory CD. Black death

INTERNAL SUFFERING (Colombia) Awakening of the rebel Tape. Brutal death/ Intense blast

KALOPSIA (Usa) Sanguine epitaph MCD. Angry death metal with powerful sound.

PANZER SQUAD (Ger) Coming to your town Tape. Old school thrash

PLAGUE WARHEAD (Swe) Whores of lucifer MCD. Digipack. Old school thrash/ Death metal

WRECKAGE (Gre) Rise from ruins Demo CD/ (7Ep cover) Swedish styled death metal, sounds like old Dismember.
11.05.2019 - 11:42
Last distro news:

BEHEAD (Chile) Endless hatred Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash the morbid way

BEHEAD (Chile) Awakening of a murderous soul Demo tape. Old school death/ Thrash the morbid way

BLOODSHED (Russia) The hunger and the agony CD. Death metal/ Old brutal death. Sounds like old Vader, old Sinister

DEMOLITION STEEL (Chile) There is no hope, just decay Demo tape. Old school heavy metal with thrash touches.

HELLRAIDER (Chile) The time has come Demo tape. Old school thrash (Members of Disaster, Invocation spells...)

MANIAC (Can) Fast and deadly CD. Old school thrash/ Punk

METASTASIS (Chile) From the snow the executioner rises again CD. Old school thrash (Contains two demos)

NECROHERESY (Slovakia) Divine betrayal MCD. Old styled death/ Thrashing death

PARASITIZED (Uk) Existence unveiled MCD. Brutal death with a technical approach

PARKCREST (Chile) Mental discharge Demo tape. Old school thrash (Members of Venus torment, Hellish...)

SACROFUCK (Pol)/ ENTERCHRIST (Pol) Split CD. Death metal/ Gory death grind

TRASCENDENCIA (Chile) Hasta ayer / La última palabra Demo tape. Old school heavy metal. (Members of Terror strike, Critical defiance...)

WHIP (Nor) Ultra sado scrap metal Tape. Crust grind black metal sickness with a thrashing edge
25.05.2019 - 10:13
Last distro news:

ABERRANTE (Panama) Sepelio macabro Demo tape. Old school grindcore/ Death metal

APOFENIA (Argentina) A cold night's death Demo tape. Old school death

EPITAPHE (Fra) Demo MMXVII MCD. Obscure death/ Death doom

FUNERALIS (Chile) Lvminis serpens caeremonia Tape. Black metal

GOATOIMPÜRITY (Chile) Zyklon-B Demo tape. Black death

GRIMOIRE DE OCCULTE (Ger) Wisdom of the dead Tape. Death doom

MORTIFEROTH (Usa) Darkness fills our eyes Demo tape. Underground death metal

SPINA BIFIDA (Hol) Iter MCD. Doom/ Death

TOXICA (Argentina) Egoismo autodestructivo Demo tape. Thrash metal

JUMALATION (Fin) The church of isaac CD. Old school thrash

DESTROYER (Colombia) Dark city hunter CD. Old school thrash
08.06.2019 - 10:06
Last distro news:

ASCENDER (Mex) Methodic annihilation MCD. Cardboard sleeve. Old styled thrash

CEMETERY FOG (Fin) Journey to hell Demo tape. Black/ Death/ Doom

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cryogenically revived Tape. Old school death

ENCRYPTED (Ger) the purge MCD. Old school death/ Obscure death

ENSSEMINIS (Chile) Relatos retorcidos Demo tape. Special packaging. Underground death metal.

EXTERMINATION ANGEL (Usa) Demo 2017. Tape. Satanic death metal/ black death

GRAVE DESECRATOR (Bra) Insul Tape. Old school death/ black

PAZUZU (Costa rica) Revenant of blasphemies Demo tape. Old school death/ Doom

SEXPLOSION (Fra) Vol. 3: Nouvel âge des ténèbres Tape. Old school heavy metal/ Punk

BLOODFIEND (Chile) Evil mass of putrid decay Demo Tape. Bestial black death (Member of Demonic rage)

WITCHBURNER (Ger) Blasphemic assault Tape. Thrash metal

ARROPIERO (Spa) Arropiero Demo tape. Doom sludge. Special packaging
22.06.2019 - 13:43
Last distro news:

CHRIST SNACKS (Panama) Santa vulva Demo tape. Old school death/ Old death grind

ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Cavern of foul unbeings Tape album. Old school death

EREKTION (Fra) Restless copulation Tape. Obscure brutal death

NUISIBLE (Fra) Slaves & snakes Tape. Blackened crust hardcore

RANCOROUS (Usa) Into the nuclear fire Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

RANCOROUS (Usa) Stealth dominion Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Blackened thrash

REVENGE (Col) Soldiers under satan's command + Bang your head Tape. Old school speed/ Heavy metal

SESOS TRITURADOS (Paraguay) Te'ongue Mbo'iha Demo tape. Gore grindcore/ Angry death grind

WITCH KING Celestial desolation Demo tape. Black/ Death

DEFLAGRATOR (Ita) Raising weapons for the beast CD. Old school thrash

EXEKUTION (Spa) The worst is yet to come CD. Old school thrash (Import from China)
05.07.2019 - 12:02
Last distro news:

DEAD CONGREGATION (Gre) Sombre doom MCD. Digipack. Obscure death

IMPIETY (Singapore)/ INFERNAL EXECRATOR (Singapore) Dusthall desecrator live penang 2015. Split tape. Black thrash/ Black death

LORD KETIL (Fra) Long lone among the wolves Tape. Black metal

NECROBIOTIC (Bra) Under the sign of I Demo tape. Death metal

PALE MIST (Uk) Spreading my wings into the abyss that calls CD. Black metal

PHERETRUM (Uruguay) Alienated demons CD. Old school/ Thrashing death/ Underground death

PUTREFIANCE (Fra) Demo MMXVIII + live tracks MCD. Digipack. Putrid death metal

THE NEGATION (Fra) Paths of obedience Tape. Black metal

WITCHVOMIT (Usa) Poisoned blood MCD. Digipack. Old school death and obscure death. (Members of Torture rack, Trepanation...)

BELLS OF DOOM (Swe) The death of god Demo tape. Doom

CRYPTIC REALMS (Mex/ Gre) The rotten is alive Demo tape. Old school death

BLOODY PHOENIX (Usa) War, hate & misery Tape. Grindcore

KEITZER (Ger) The last defence Tape. Death grind/ Grindcore.


TEMPLE OF ADORATION (Ger) Zine issue 12
Carma, Krypts, Abatuar, Nebiros, Orodruin, Fecalove, Hardware, The fallen, Leechfeast, Ordocaper, Candelabrum, Broken spirit, Psychomoorphis...
48 pages. A4. In english.

ABYSMAL SCULPTURES (Singapore) Zine issue 13
Hellwitch, Ilemauzar, Necrowretch, Siksakubur, Revage records... + Reviews, live reports...
40 pages. A4. In english. 2019.

METAL HORDE (Por) Zine issue 24
Wanderer, Morgengrau, Confessor AD, Necrot, Wasteland riders, Zealot cult, Genocide beast, Warfield, Tiran, Nakkiga, Arghura zine, Satanic Tony ... + Reviews...
80 pages. A5. In english. 2019

BLOOD HAMMER (Ita) Zine issue 2
The crucifier, Nocturnal, Entrench, Exumer, Slaughtered priest, Daemonokrat, Bunker 66... + Reviews
22 pages. A4. In italian. 2018.

Illustrations on the death metal theme: zombies, skulls, corpses...
Drawings by Mark Riddick, Ragnar Persson, Luisma, Putrid, French,
32 pages. A5.


DEATH BURING (Fra) Heaven in hell Demo CDr. Old school punk hardcore

HIROSHIMA 45 (Rus) Маяк Demo CDr. Punk hardcore

I.B.N - Touched by nausea Demo CDr (2nd hand). Fast punk

BLOOD REAPING (Mex) Promo 2002 CDr. Fast death metal (Bootleg?)

KHLYST (Usa) Chaos is my name. Promo CD. Cardboard sleeve. (2nd hand).
Experimental/ Black metal/ Dark ambient. (Members of Khanate, Thor's hammer...)

GORE SANCTUM (Uk) Realms of devastation Promo CDr. (No cover, CD only). Gore brutal death

20.07.2019 - 10:43
Last distro news:

ATROCE (Canada) Necromantiae bestialis CD. Death metal, between the old school and more "brutal" blackened genre (Sounds likes a mix of old Morbid angel, Deicide, old Belphegor, old Impureza, Black bleeding...)

END OF MANKIND (Fra) Faith recoil Demo tape. Black metal. (Mmbers of Antaeus, Eternal majesty,..)

HELLACAUST (Can) Dark age descending CD. Black metal; fast and angry, quite close to old Marduk.

HELLFIRE (Ukraine) Goat revenge Demo tape. Black death

MASS CREMATION (Bulgaria) Xenomorphobia Demo tape. Thrash metal/ Thrash death

MORBITAL (Rus) Меч миру Tape. Bestial death black, a bit like early Bestial warlust with a bit of Revenge.

MORBITAL (Rus) Меч миру CD. Bestial death black

MOUFLON (Hol) Devastations Tape. Old school death/ Doom

SATANIC HATRED (Bulgaria) Devoured by the black sea Demo tape. Sounds like old Burzum with a bit of early Immortal.

SOLUS (Hungary)/ VRAG (Hungary) Awakening of the hungarian witch woods Split tape. Black metal

ALTAR OF SIN (Spa) The damned dogs from hell CD. Old school death/ Thrashing death. (Sounds like mid old Protector, mid old Possessed)

ANARCHUS (Mex) Discography 90-96 Tape. Grindcore
03.08.2019 - 11:13
Last distro news:

DEMONIC RAGE (Chile) The anguish's doomaelstrom Demo tape. Obscure death metal

ESPIRITISMO (Argentina) Al responder de los muertos CD. Black metal

HELLBORN (Can) Pillage in the land of god Tape. Old styled death metal/ Morbid thrash

POSESION (Col) Ritual I Tape. Old school necro thrash/ death. (Member of Alcoholic Force, Iron Gang...)

PUTRID EVIL (Pol)/ SACROFUCK (Pol)/ EXECUTION OF LIGHT (Pol) Split CD. Bestial underground death metal/ Death metal/ Satanic brutal death

RAGING FIRE (Spai) Caught in the game Tape. Heavy metal (Members of Iron curtain, Witchtower)

UNDERGANG (Denmark) Misantropologi Tape album. Old school death

VENUS TORMENT (Chile) Espiral infinito Demo tape. Old school thrash

WITCH TRAIL (Bel) Call from the grave Demo tape. Black thrash like early Bathory.

CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Cze) Impenetrable Tape album. Death grind, with groovy and gore touches

CALCULATE (Can) Apotheosis CD. Brutal death/ Deathcore, quite heavy and tortured.
16.08.2019 - 10:27
Last distro news:

BEDSORE (Ita) Bedsore MCD. Old school death

FALL OF SERAPHS (Fra)/ TREPANATOR (Fra) Incarnation of torture Split CD. Fast and kicking death metal in the old school way/ Old school death with heavy putrid moments.

HALLUX VALGUS (Chile) Death will prevail MCD. Old school thrashing death (Members of Strigoi, ex-Excoriate, Exanimatvm)

HOLD (Hungary) Végtelenség Demo tape. Black metal

HUMAN SERPENT (Gre) Inhumane minimalism Demo tape. Black metal

LETHAL INFECTION (Chile) The chant of the black prophecies Demo tape. Black death

SAMOT (Chile) Across the abyss MCD. Old school death/ Death black, influenced by old scandinavian darkness

TREPANATOR (Fra) Mutant birth MCD. Old school death, with heavy putrid moments.

WILDER (Fra) Wilder Demo CD. Cardboard sleeve. Old styled thrash with Celtic frost influences

WOLF SERMON (Uk) Pagan skin Demo tape. Death doom

WOLF SERMON (Uk) Pagan skin Demo CD/ Pro CDr. Death doom

-INFAMY (Fra) A World on its end CD. Black metal/ Black thrash
-CRONIC DISORDER (Usa) Torture test CD. Thrash death like mid old Testament
-ORN (Can) Teeth / Knowing MCD. Digipack. Doom sludge
-IMPACT (Hol) Never too young to rock CD. Old school heavy metal/ Hard rock
24.08.2019 - 10:10
Last distro news:

AMOK (Nor) Necrospiritual deathcore Tape. Death/ Thrash (Members of Aeternus, Taake, Orcustus...)

EXORCISM (Ger) Demonic inheritance Demo tape. Old necro death metal (Members of nocturnal, Frontbeat, The fog...)

MARTELO INTOLERANTE (Bra) O intolerante trono do odio Demo tape. Cavernous black death

MEPHISTO (Ita) Too loud for the hell Demo tape. Old school underground black thrash
Old demp on regular tape.

MORAST (Luxembourg) Dead out from graves Demo tape. Black death/ Minimal necro metal

OV SHADOWS (Swe) Monologues Demo tape. Black metal

PYRON (Malaysia) Hell pyre Demo tape. Death metal

RESTOS HUMANOS (Ita) Restos humanos Demo CDr. Old school death grind

DAY OF EXECUTION (Bulgaria) Dead burning to ashes Tape. Death metal

AEPOCH (Can) Awakening inception Tape. Technical/ Progressive death

-ASAFATED (Turkey) Demos 94-95. Pro CDr. Old death metal. 2nd hand
-DESPISE & CONQUER (Ger) Promo CDr. Death thrash
-KLY (Pol) Taran -Gai CD. Digipack. Atmospheric black metal
-UTTERTOMB (Chile) Promo CDr. Obscure death
-VA - QUEBRA CABECAS Compilation CD. Thrash, death, groove metal, heavy metal bands from Portugal

ACID VICIOUS Zine (Fra) issue 14: Mortuary, Iron flesh, Infamy, Windhelm, Choisir le pire, Aube, Litanie, Piarevaracien, Inzest, Kaos obscure art,Music records, Les Kroutes...

HELLZ zine (Russia) issue 29: Tales of darknord, Nocturnal pestilence, Terrorraiser, Bestial vomit, Bestial deform, Diathra, Ieschure, Hereafter, Lydia laska, Jinx, Big city... + Reviews, articles.

MANTO NEGRO (Chile) Newsletter #1: Funeralis, Henosis, Abhorior, Pyreficativm... + Reviews.
07.09.2019 - 10:32
Last distro news:

ABSOLVTION (Fra) Gallow's destiny MCD. Obscure black death

ABYSM (Uk) Touching the cold hand of god MCD/ Pro CDr. Death metal, quite obscure and old styled.

AHVAWE (Mex) Drink till you fucking puke your liver out Demo tape. Old school black speed/ Thrash

DEFENESTRATION (Fra) Ordinary violence MCD. Fast death metal, quite old styled and raw.

DIABOLICAL TORTURE (Bra) Noite de diabolicas torturas Demo tape. Raw black metal

MARTYRVORE (Usa) Mayhemic nuclear slayer Tape. Bestial black death

PHERETRUM (Uruguay)/ ECTOPLASMA (Gre) Split tape. Death metal

SANGUINARIO (Bra) Cidade morta Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Speed/ Punk

TERRÖRHAMMER (Serbia) In the name of hell Demo tape. Old school thrash/ Speed/ Black

LYCANTHROPHY (Cze)/ NENI UNIKU (Cze) Split tape. Grindcore
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ATRAMENT (Usa) Scum sect Tape. Black metal/ Crust punk (Members of Necrot, Mortuous, Abstracter, Vastum)

CENOTAFIO (Chile) Larvae tedeum teratos Tape. Obscure death/ Black death

DEATH COURIER (Gre) Deny your destiny Demo tape. Old school thrash (Rerelease of a demo from 1989)

DEVOID OF THOUGHT (Ita) Cosmic apoptosis Demo tape. Death metal, strange and quite obscure (Sounds a bit like Altars (Australia) or Atrocity (Very first album)).

FATHER MERRIN (Fra) All is well that ends in hell MCD. Doom metal (Member of Presumtion)

FERETRO (Chile) Deathsolation MCD. Old school death/ Thrashing death (Member of Necrobastard)

IMPETIGO (USa)/ TRANSGRESSOR (Jap) Split MCD. Old death grind/ Death metal

INVERSER (Usa) Demo tape. Quite obscure black metal

MORTALS PATH (Ger) Complete demos Tape. Old school death

RITUAL LACERATION (Usa) "I" Demo tape. Bestial black death

ABOMINATION (Usa) Abomination CD. Old school death/ Thrash. Rerelease of an album from 1990 (Members of MAster, Deathstrike...)

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