Vortech - Impenitence (industrial metal)

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06.07.2019 - 00:12
Get ready for an industrial-strength dose of melodic electronic metal, with vocals from the harsh side of doom.

This is in preparation for the upcoming full length album, which is ready with everything except the vocals, so it should be out soon-ish, too.

The tracklist:

1. Hindrance of Existence
2. The Observers
3. Humanicide
4. Devour the Being
5. Singularity
6. Genetic Structures
7. Uncreation

You can also support the music by getting it via BandCamp

It's an interesting release, as the songs span from 2006 until 2015. All songs were done during the sessions for a studio album, but were not included due to being unfinished. Originally intended to be released in 2013, there was finally time to finish this piece of rare history! The oldest song is Genetic Structures, which was composed all the way back in 2006 during the Wasteland sessions. The main body of the EP is the quartet of tracks 1, 2, 4, and 7, which were the original songs intended for the 2013 version of the EP. Humanicide is an alternate version of the track Mechanicide found on The Occlusion (2014), but fairly re-done and with all new vocals, bass, and drums. And finally, Singularity, which is a cool track done during the Of What Remains sessions, but left out as it was too different from all the other songs on the album. Fast breakbeats, heavy guitars, and lots of synths!

And naturally, all instruments and vocals are freshly recorded. Enjoy!
Vortech - New EP out! VortechMusic.com Industrial Death Metal
06.07.2019 - 01:03
Darkside Momo
New Vortech? Yay!
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