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Which of these 80's metal bands do you preffer?

Agent Steel18
Manilla Road12
Crimson Glory10
Deadly Blessing1

Total votes: 62

The original post

Posted by on 26.05.2006 at 02:36
I tried to pick a little more diverse list. I like all these bands and all of them show what metal was back in the 80's.

My favorite must be Agent Steel (I'll talk only about their 80's albums now). It took me quite some time to get into them, but now they are one of my most loved bands. With songs like "Rager", "Bleed for the Gods", "Mad Locust Rising" or my personal favorite "144.000 Gone" that you can't forget. Not to metion John Cryiis pipes or the demential solos & riffs.

Of course I like the other bands and could always relate to them as some of the best bands that decade had to bring. Crimson Glory had "Transcendence", Manilla Road "The Deluge" or "Cristal Logic", Omen "The Curse", Q5 "Steel the Light", Deadly Blessing "Ascend from the Cauldron", T.N.T. "Knights of the New Thunder", Acid "Maniac", Helstar "Remnants of War" or the aclaimed "Nosferatu". Of course there were other great bands like Loudness, Adrian, Overdirve, Griffin, Destiny or Hittman, but I can't list them all.

Don't come posting about the all known bands, you have a lot of pools for them, this is another kind of pool. Please refrain from pointless posts.

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Account deleted
  09.09.2008 at 05:52
Snap I only know Agent Steel lol. Great band, but aren't they considered Speed/thrash metal?
Ah who cares though, once again great band, i'd rank Skeptics Apocalypse above even R.I.B. and R.I.P. from the big 4 and Bleed for the Godz is one of the best metal songs i've ever heard period.

Gotta listen to some others off that list before i vote though hehe.

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  17.10.2008 at 10:17
I vote for Agent Steel for their regularity, though Crimson Glory´s Transcendence is one of my favourite metal albums for all times.

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From: USA

  19.01.2010 at 02:26
Iron Maiden...

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From: Italy
  11.05.2011 at 19:13
Manilla Road!
Epic metal kings

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From: Cyprus

  30.08.2011 at 15:44
Voted for manilla road,one of my favourite bands.
( someone should do a similar poll but this time about the best among more "underground" bands like liege lord,cirith ungol,titan force,phantom... )
Account deleted
  30.08.2011 at 16:33
Haven't heard all of these, sorry. I'll keep my vote.
Infernal Eternal

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  10.04.2012 at 11:00
Masters of metal, agents of steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!
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