Favorite Swedish Death Metal Band?

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Posted by Mega-Slayer, 14.06.2007 - 22:43
I didn't feel I should make a poll as there are alot of bands I know I would leave out, and there are so many great ones. My top 3 are actually Hypocrisy, Seance, and Merciless. Mainly because they really set themselves apart from the rest without using the crunchy guitar tone. Merciless could almost be defined as a death/thrash or blackened death metal band, you'll be amazed how great their classic "The Awakening "is. I definitley think you should track down a copy of Seance' "Fornever Laid To Rest", excellent musicianship and really good cover art, which caught my eye. As for Hypocrisy, I probably dont need to say anything, you all know how awesome they are, always improving and evolving. Necrophobic, Unleashed, Entombed and Dismember are of course great as well. I am not a big fan of Carcass or Grave really, and there are some bands I still want to hear such as Epitaph, early Afflicted, early Therion and later Merciless.
25.06.2010 - 13:29
Written by vezzy on 24.06.2010 at 15:37

Opeth are more like extreme prog than plain death.

Haha, I said I'd love to see someone try to make the argument and someone did, thanks for the laugh

Yeah Opeth aren't pure Death, like say, Death. They are Prog/Death or Melodic/Death. Arguing they are not is just arguing for the sake of argument.

"Opeth are more like extreme prog than plain death."
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