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  15.06.2007 at 13:46
a great Thrash Metal from Germany.Active years 1986 - 1988 with two album "Possessed By Fire" and "Rissen From The Sea".
i made this topic to show you a great thrash lost gem "Possessed By Fire" is a 4,5/5 album for me i suggest it to buy it. I see there is no Exumer page here so i decided to make a topic to see how many funs of Exumer are here

you can read here some info about the band
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From: Sweden

  15.06.2007 at 15:19
I know them good band realy good evben thay had recordet 2 albums
'' Possessed by Fire '' and ''Rising from the Sea'' somehow tahy remainds me US thras bands not Europeian
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  16.06.2007 at 00:13
Yeah this band is really good. I've only heard the Possessed by Fire album, but I plan on buying it any time now.

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  16.06.2007 at 02:08
I thought they were okay, but if your looking for german thrash besides the Sodom, Kreator or Destruction, then checkout Vendetta, Iron Angel or Assorted Heap.

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  16.06.2007 at 03:00
Written by Mega-Slayer on 16.06.2007 at 02:08

I thought they were okay, but if your looking for german thrash besides the Sodom, Kreator or Destruction, then checkout Vendetta, Iron Angel or Assorted Heap.

well actually in this topic we talk about exumer...:O say something about exumer and let other german thrash metal band out of this.
The Bard

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From: Serbia

  16.06.2007 at 04:40
Nice band, use to like them when I was younger, but not anymore, altough sometimes I enjoy their music
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  20.06.2007 at 11:02
Really cool band proving that Germany keeps producing some of the most vicious, and aggressive thrash metal bands.

I have both their albums and I totally enjoy them when I'm in the mood for my thrash.
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  22.02.2008 at 02:10
Great band,very underrated.As you say,"Possessed by fire" is a classic.
Junkyard God

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  22.02.2008 at 05:08
Indeed, one of Germany's finest! I like what I have heard and will keep an eye open for them.
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From: Croatia
  10.03.2008 at 19:28
I have both "Possessed by Fire" and "Rising from the Sea", and I love them both, can't wait for the new album to come out
Account deleted
  15.01.2009 at 04:02
One of the Best German thrash bands!!!!and I surely cant wait until they come to Los Angeles on May 1st....it's definitely going to be a memorable night!!

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From: Cyprus

  29.07.2009 at 22:04
I found about this band just a few months ago...now "Possessed By Fire" is one of my favorite albums...unfortunately I can't find their albums in my country but of course thats why we have ebay right?

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