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Posted by {aud}devil on 19.09.2007 at 04:05
Before you opened this forum, I bet you were scratching your head over the title. well, I wouldn't create this if I didn't do my research. Here is my theory:

For millions of years, there have been wars. Difference of religion, i believe, is the cause of all major wars.

for example, The American Revolution. People have immigrated to the united states to rid themselves of religious prosecution.

also, the war in iraq. The american troops are merely aides in reform. The real war is between the sunnis and the shites.

Does anyone agree with my theory or am i nuts?

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  15.01.2013 at 02:37
I think that it is not purely religion that causes war, but intolerance of different religions. Any religion that does not teach its followers to be violent cannot cause violence by itself, but it is people not accepting others or wanting to live peacefully that causes war. That intolerance, though I'm not going to make any over-arching statement, I think is the cause of a large percentage of wars, because if people accepted each other peacefully you wouldn't have any border wars, religious wars or quite of few other kinds of wars. That does leave out energy wars though, those are their own thing. The world would be very different if we were not in need of new fuel sources at all times or fearing that we may run out.
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  07.10.2013 at 03:50
I don't necessarily disagree with that theory, but it's not the way I see things. The way I see it, war can be started by any person, no matter whether they are religious or not. The only reason the religious connection is far more prominent with history is because, in those times, religion was a big thing. In some countries today, it still is, but it was a life and death thing back then: if you weren't religious, you could be completely cast out of society. So, the religious connection is really a bit of a coincidence on some of the famous conflicts, as those times were far more grounded in religion. I stress "some" here: there are conflicts out there which genuinely can be traced down to one side not liking the other for religious reasons and I am not going to deny that (for example, the inquisition, the crucades and, technically, the Holocaust: the nazis didn't like the Jewish community and wanted them exterminated). I just feel that there is often more to the theory of religion being the cause of all war than some people give credit for, since the times they usually bring up are very different from our own and, because those times were very religious, it is easy for us to read into them from our modern (and noticeably less religious) outlook and come out with something that was legitimately not what the thing was really about.

(Also, for the sake of throwing out one of my own theories: I always felt that the negative aspects of religion were not caused by religion itself, but mankind abusing religion for various reasons. I'm not religious myself, but I do try to follow most Christian values and I do find that, in times of great need, praying can make me feel more comfortable, as it allows me to think that there is someone out there who can hear what I say and hopefully make things better. So, I know that religion, when kept strictly as a personal thing, can be beneficial in some ways to people, as it can give them something to keep hoping for when things get too tough for them to manage on their own. Organised religion is where I get a bit concerned, but that's more because I feel that you shouldn't need someone to tell you what to believe. I feel that anyone having power over another person needs the morales of a person who knows the power he can wield and the humility to not abuse it, which is where religion can get a bad name when people without those morales get high ranking roles (or, at least, not the second half of that). So, in a way, my issue with religion is not actually religion, but mankind. Maybe I'm being really pessimistic there, but it's the way I see things.)
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  09.04.2014 at 00:14
Religion itself doesn't cause war, it's the people who warp the original intentions of their respective religions to suit their own ends, as a way of gaining power (look to Constantine for example), which inflates self-righteous beliefs that their faith is "the one true faith" and that others are heresy, thus resulting in impending conflict.
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