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01.06.2006 - 01:14
John Barleycorn
Another thread of mine in alternative metal thread...

This is Daniel Cardoso´ s band featuring the mighty Garm on vocals. They play really energetic and groovy rock (I don´t actually see it as metal but it still fits to this forum, I hope) and Garm really shines with his vocals. Although their album "Murder Nature" isn´t a masterpiece it still is a piece of excellent music, just right for playing in parties or for moments when you just want to dance around wherever you are located.
01.06.2006 - 01:49
hi-fi / lo-life
Yeah, I second that, "Murder Nature" isnt a masterpiece but its not a bad album either (review coming soon). Garm seems to be becoming the new Mike Patton, he even sounds a lot like him on this album, has that funk/soul edge to his vocals and sings a lot about porn (lol).
01.06.2006 - 02:15
Amusingly, when talking with a friend of mine who likes this disk (but not any DM/BM), I referred to Garm as the "Mike Patton of Black Metal"... CD is good, has some interesting stuff going on at times. Not a masterpiece, as you say, but still a good listen from time to time.
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05.06.2006 - 01:21
It's odd how I find this to have more replay value than the last Arcturus album... it's a solid hard rock album. No less. No more.
15.11.2006 - 04:04
Paleblood Hunter
Surprised this thread only had a few replies. This band is great. I have only heard what few tracks are available on the internet, but I really enjoy them. Both because of Garm's vocals and the instrumental music. I would very much like to come across this album in stores some time. Fine music.
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