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Posted by Lord TJ, 14.10.2007 - 19:46
I seem to be under a curse of only playing Angra and Death. I like playing Death because of its complexity and the way it sounds, I like playing Angra because theres lots of parts where you have to make an incredible stretch, I like testing my abilities.
26.07.2014 - 05:32
Here are cover songs i did using free plugins, let me know what you guys think? The Cannibal Corpse song i used a POD direct with plugins so the guitar is kinda low.
26.07.2014 - 11:46
Secundum Filium
I'm not in a band and I'm no expert musician or anything, but I have covered "Thousand Lakes" by Amorphis on Piano and "A Darkness Coming" by Katatonia on Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Piano, and Mellotron for a little contest they did for their fans to rework their songs (how well I did it is another matter altogether) and posted them to Youtube. I'm not all that good at reading sheet music (though I understand a little bit), whenever I do cover something it's all by ear typically. I'm about as much an amateur as you can get really.
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14.10.2016 - 19:22
We have covered with Unohdettu Tulevaisuus songs Extreme Noise Terror - deceived, Fear Of God - Running Through The Blood, Napalm Death - You suffer & Dead, Rajoitus - Osta ja juo. Only played at gigs, maybe going to get recorded if we have time at studio when we record our lp. With Pedophile SS we covered Right Said Fred's song I'm Too Sexy: