4.4 - Submitting band info

  • Band name / former names / also known as
    Make sure the band name is spelled the 'official way'. If there are alternative spellings, put them in the "Also known as" box (ex. Mötley Crüe / Motley Crue). All former names also go there. If there are two bands with the same name, the 'bigger' one should have the normal name, but the other one should get it's country attached in upper-case, in round brackets: Autumn / Autumn (RUS).

  • Picture
    Add a picture, in which all the band members can be seen well; avoid distortion and pics with other people in them. If you can't find a promo picture, use a live one instead.

  • Years
    Make sure the "formed in" date equals the one mentioned in the biography. In the process of the migration to MSv3, many founding years have been changed to the year of the first release, which of course is wrong most of the time.

  • Biography
    Check the band's website for an updated biography. If the new biography concentrates too much on the newest releases and doesn't talk about the older stuff, find other sources (e.g. All Music Guide) or write one yourself. Please always specify the source in the end.

  • Label
    Check the band's or label's website to go sure that the band still is on the same label as mentioned.

  • Visibility
    Bands should only be made visible after their profile is completed - general info, biography, styles, lineup, albums, videos, band image. If it's done, contact a Staff member to make the band visible.

  • Styles
    If you have any suggestions regarding the style/styles played by the band please report them in the Featured bands - report mistakes thread or send a PM to a Staff member.