Gary Numan - Sheffield, England, 25th May 2012

Event: Gary Numan: Machine Music Tour 2012
Written by: Baz Anderson
Published: 26.05.2012


Gary Numan - Sheffield, England, 25th May 2012 by Baz Anderson (27)

Gary Numan; in the eyes of this audience tonight, a legend. A few odd cries of "Nuuuman!" from the middle-aged audience illustrated the anticipation, even before the supporting band Officers had set up. The supporting Leeds industrial rock group put on an apt and somewhat enjoyable set, but there was only one man this audience wanted to see.

Gary Numan

A huge roar welcomed Gary Numan to the stage, bringing joy to his face as he kicked the set off with the unusual, but welcome 80's track "Berserker". The popular "Metal" soon livened the audience up even more, followed by the Nine Inch Nails-like "The Fall" from his latest album Dead Son Rising.

Gary Numan

This tour was to contain a lot of Gary Numan's singles, which created a very interesting set of both old and new mixed together, and a few singles that don't usually see the light of day. All the while the audience devotedly sang along as the set bounded from one song to the next with little talk in between. There was no need for talk, there was already a great understanding between Numan and the audience as if all were one. It was great to see Gary on stage still so enthused by his own works, particularly his darker, newer songs. His enthusiasm and stage movement was communication enough.

Gary Numan

The older, more familiar and nostalgic songs for the audience evoked the loudest responses, but his more recent industrial heavy-hitters didn't go without great appreciation either. Some of the greatest moments of the set came from songs this side of Numan's career, such as the intense sensory experience of the epic "RIP" blasting out with the smoke and flashing lights, his voice still immense.

Gary Numan

Undeniably his tried and tested greatest hits such as "Down In The Park" and the closing song "Are Friends Electric?" stole the night leaving the audience having heard a fantastic, diverse set spanning Gary Numan's lengthy and somewhat rocky, but ultimately successful career making music. He has a new lease of life, he has done for some years now creating these very dark, industrial and perhaps cathartic albums. It really means something when after everything, his last words of his closing song are "you see it means everything to me". Amazing show.

Gary Numan

Setlist: Berserker / Metal / The Fall / Bombers / Crazier / Call Out The Dogs / Dominion Day / This Wreckage / Absolution / That's Too Bad / In A Dark Place / Down In The Park / RIP / Love Needs No Disguise / Warriors / I Die: You Die / We Are Glass / Healing / Cars / Are Friends Electric?

Gary Numan

Thanks to Steve for the accreditation.


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