Municipal Waste And 3 Inches Of Blood Tear It Up In Denver, 19th June 2012

Event: Municipal Waste: North American Tour 2012
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Published: 25.06.2012


Municipal Waste, 3 Inches Of Blood - Denver, CO, 19th June 2012 by D.T. Metal (31)

Municipal Waste just played a show at the Marquis Theater in Denver and they brought 3 Inches Of Blood and Black Tusk with them to sweeten the "wow factor" for their headlining tour.

In addition to said touring bands, the promoter also threw in a local opening act which is quite normal for a club gig. Now don't get me wrong, I support the local scene 100% which we all should do by the way, but more often than not, the choice of local opening bands are rather questionable, and yes, you all know what I am talking about. They either promise to sell a ridiculous amount of pre-sale tickets or they get the gig because their bass player is the second-cousin-twice-removed of the bartender's girlfriend. Well, I am happy to report, not that night.

So right off the bat the first "wow" of the evening and kudos given for a) booking only one local and b) that local being Denver's own Speedwolf. And I know, musical taste opinions are like a******, everybody's got one, but seriously, do check them out! An excellent choice and who doesn't want to listen to a band whose vocalist sounds a lot like Lemmy?

Anyways, by the time Speedwolf was half way through their set the venue had filled quite nicely, and since I am in a "kudos giving" mood: kudos to the metal heads who came out in droves on a Tuesday night. Holy hell, I don't know if the venue was sold-out, sure looked like it, since the place was packed and literally felt like a Finnish sauna. And exactly out of this reason I missed most of Black Tusk's set.

In hindsight I could kick myself in the butt for not sweating (get it? haha) it out, since what I saw and heard was very pleasing to the ears. Rock and a mix between sludge and stoner metal I guess, dig it, and hence the second "wow" of the evening. Luckily a little birdie told me they might do another tour later this year with no other than Red Fang. Definitely will keep my eyes open for that one.

3 Inches Of Blood
Next up were our neighbors to the north, Canada's own 3 Inches Of Blood. They just released their fifth studio album in March, and with a title such as Long Live Heavy Metal they sure hit the nail on the head. Headlining tour, please!

And before I forget to add the "wow" over all the oohing and aahing, I might as well throw it in right here. Holy crap did they put on a great show. And I am not saying this because I am a fan, but rather since this was probably the best set I have seen them play in a while.

Just like so many other touring bands, 3 Inches Of Blood had their fair share of line-up changes over the years. I have seen the band with different drummers and also when Jamie Hooper was still in charge of the harsh vocal duties.

Even though they recruited several awesome touring bassists over the years, their current choice will hopefully be more permanent. The one and only Byron Stroud took over the long axe position in 3 Inches Of Blood. Sucks for Fear Factory I guess, but quite honestly, I couldn't be happier.

The Canucks started their roughly 40 minute set with "Leather Lord" off the new album Long Live Heavy Metal and immediately switched gears with the fast and furious, fist-pumping, while still sing-along friendly "Deadly Sinners" off their 2004 release Advance And Vanquish.

The crowd went absolutely nuts, while yours truly was literally stuck right in the front, getting pushed on and almost over the monitors. I raised my hands and screamed at this dude who stood 2 rows behind me on the right: "PULL ME OUT!" Hence, kudos shall be given to this kind stranger in addition to the kid who let me stand in front of him to take some pictures.

3 Inches Of Blood
Safely out of harm's way I stood by the bar and enjoyed 3 Inches Of Blood play the bass pounding and guitar shredding song "Metal Woman". Even though this was also a song off their newest album, the crowd seemed very familiar with it and a lot of people were singing along with Cam Pipes and guitarist Justin Hagberg who nowadays spews out the harsh vocals.

Things really got out of control, in a positive way that is, when they played "Trial Of Champions" from their 2007 album Fire Up The Blades. There was moshing galore and a sea of head-banging fans that undoubtedly had the time of their lives. I could go on and on, but I hope you got my message, 3 Inches Of Blood kicked so much ass that night and I can't wait for them to return.

Setlist: "Leather Lord", "Deadly Sinners", "Metal Woman", "God Of The Cold White Silence", "Trial Of Champions", "Demons Blade", "Revenge Is A Vulture", "Battles And Brotherhood", "Dark Messenger", "The Goatriders Horde" and I think "Night Marauder" but I am not sure.

After this slaughter to the ear drums I ventured outside; I and about 200 other people that is. I kid you not; there were probably as many people outside than inside the venue. I really felt for the under 21 folks who are not allowed to step outdoors to catch some fresh air because of the state and/or liquor law at the Marquis Theater.

Municipal Waste
Anyway, I was getting ready for the "Waste" and after sweating out gallons of liquid it was time to re-hydrate my body with yet another beer. And before you say it, listen up, this is America, the water content in beer is rather high, and therefore I shall count that as a sufficient source of H2O. Deal with it!

Then the soothing chants from the audience: "Municipal Waste is gonna F*CK YOU UP" signaled the arrival of the headliner on stage. Oh, and all of the people who went outside after 3 Inches Of Blood made it back right in time for the intro "Garbage Stomp" and just before shit really hit the fan with "Unleash The Bastards".

Thankfully the band slowed things down with "Mind Eraser" lol, slow Waste style that is, and I was thrilled to witness the action right up front; or so I thought. Holy crap, as soon as Municipal Waste started "You're Cut Off" from their newest album The Fatal Feast, I knew my "standing in the front" plan had a major flaw; stage diver's.

Generally the Marquis Theater does not allow stage diving and maybe the band had it on their tour rider, but nevertheless people were flying off the stage left and right. With said stage only about 2 feet (61cm) above ground it was rather easy for anybody to just jump on it.

So right before Municipal Waste blasted "Wolves Of Chernobyl" I managed to escape into safer pastures. Not a moment too soon I might add, since "The Thrashin' Of The Christ" was next on the Waste's menu.

Municipal Waste
Maybe I took their next song way too literally, but I found myself standing once again at the bar during "Beer Pressure" and while the band played another new song, "Authority Complex" I scanned the room like a "Terror Shark". Hahaha, apparently a show review for Municipal Waste writes itself with those kick ass song titles.

But seriously, the entire band around vocalist Tony Foresta put on such an amazing show, fueled with pure energy, that the only thing that would best describe it is yep you guessed it, WOW! One of the reasons I am extremely excited to see them tear shit up on the Barge To Hell later this year is because as they proved that night, Municipal Waste is definitely still a force not to be taken lightly.

This had been the best and by far the most fun show I have attended in a while, and I am pretty sure I am not alone with this assessment. Even though the musical styles of the bands varied, I'm confident to say that most if not all of the fans who came out had a great time. Hence there it is, and just because I haven't used it in a while; kudos to whoever booked this package.

To sum it up (Ctrl-F-wow), yep 5 "wow" in all, 4 for the bands and an extra one for good measures I guess.

Head on over to the gallery which also includes a picture of Municipal Waste's set-list minus the encore "Pre-Game"/"The Art Of Partying". And also keep an eye out for interviews with Municipal Waste and 3 Inches Of Blood.

To keep the spirit of this review alive; kudos to Municipal Waste's publicist Jon of Freeman Promotions and 3 Inches Of Blood's Century Media label rep Ashley for hooking this up. But even bigger kudos to each and every band that played, and who probably sweat even more while on stage.


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25.06.2012 - 19:52
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
This concert seems to be made for me.

Glad I get to see 3IOB in a month
Checkout my band here!
25.06.2012 - 22:16
Account deleted
Black Tusk didn't play in Cleveland. Instead we got Midnight and Thunder God.
But still, fun as hell show.
26.06.2012 - 00:50
Ag Fox
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Didn't know they have lots of metal shows going on in Denver. Perhaps I should visit there next time when I go to Golden
loves 小巫
26.06.2012 - 16:09
D.T. Metal
Written by Ag Fox on 26.06.2012 at 00:50

Didn't know they have lots of metal shows going on in Denver. Perhaps I should visit there next time when I go to Golden

DO IT! Most of the major tours come thru Denver.

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