Clandestine Cuts Vol. 2 #5 - Hear music from Miroist, Fever Sea, Kalodin, Black Oak Decline, Fhoi Myore, and more!

Written by: Susan, Milena, BloodTears, Troy Killjoy
Published: 10.07.2012
Clandestine Cuts Volume 2, Issue #5
The Metal Storm Demo/EP Spotlight

Each month we scour the globe for the best demos and EPs from new and unsigned band who are keeping metal alive from the underground on up. Feeling disappointed with the current state of metal? Check out the music below and let these bands brighten your day. Registered users: vote in the poll below for which band should be carrying the torch!

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Miroist - The Pledge
Listen at Bandcamp

The first sentence in the "about" tab of the official Miroist Facebook page goes: "Avoiding djent 'puns' in band names since 2011." Well I love me some bands with a good sense of humor. Except, this isn't a full band - The Pledge EP is the work of one person, talented Brit James Cook (who recently appeared as a guitarist and co-author on the second Unwritten Pages album). This is instrumental djent with the usual electronics thrown in, and quite distinct ambiance and flavor - think something along the lines of Uneven Structure and Vildhjarta. With a solid pace and very professional-sounding recording, The Pledge should be worthy of your attention, whether you're passionate about the djent scene or just a random passerby like yours truly.

by Milena

Black Oak Decline - Black Oak Decline
Listen at Bandcamp

Here is some dirty sludge that at times channels the mesmerizing aspects of post metal. Excellent combination. With nicely varied tempos and appropriately raw vocals that pop up only when needed, Black Oak Decline is a wall of sound that will impress any fan of the heavier side of post, sludge, or stoner metal. Yet it's full of unique touches here and there that won't leave you thinking you've encountered just another Isis clone. Nope, Black Oak Decline's debut EP stands beautifully alone on the edge of the void.

by Susan

Kalodin - Sarv
Listen on facebook

Symphonic black metal from Nepal. Check it out. Check out the epic guitar work, the groove, and the shroud of mood that only a subtle, well-mixed keyboard can provide to such impressive and dark music. Slight south Asian classical musical influences are present, and the closing track "Trishula" even briefly features a sitar meandering in and out. Also, two session vocalists are backing up our lead vocalist so just imagine the aural attack that awaits you there. What's not to love? Seriously, experience this.

by Susan

Wings Denied - Awake
Listen at Bandcamp

Awake. Could have been a reference to a certain album released back in 1994 but even though the band describes the core of their music as being "prog", that is not the most obvious choice to take from their music. Their musical ideas certainly have roots in many sources. However, the djent flavours are the most prominent, but they put a good spin on it. The galloping flowing riffs, a good balance between aggressive and melodious and the catchiness factor are its greatest strengths. This EP is very organic sounding and apart from some lyrical clichés, this is a good start for this band. Certainly if they can live up in the future to the level of the song "Vultures", we might have a good surprise on our hands.

by BloodTears

Fever Sea - The Deluge
Listen at Bandcamp

This English quintet may just have what it takes to be crowned the champion of the 2012 Clandestine Cuts with their debut EP, brilliantly mixing the melodies of black metal with the atmosphere of post-metal, traversing quite an expansive gap between the two seamlessly while incorporating progressive song structures that bridge quite an array of emotions together. The over-the-top dynamic musicianship is complemented by a combination of alt-rock-styled clean vocals and raspy growls. This is 20 minutes of fascinating metal with an extreme edge uniting angelic melodies and a dreamy atmosphere, as enchanting or burdensome as you make it.

by Troy Killjoy

Ivy Garden of the Desert - Blood Is Love
Listen on myspace

Ivy Garden Of The Desert first appeared in Clandestine Cuts Vol. 1 Issue 14 with their stunning EP Docile. The Italian stoner rockers are back with this second part of a trilogy; Blood Is Love may be more refined than their debut and capitalizes on the band's excellent riffing and compelling song structures. While Docile was rich with epic build-ups and some drastic ups and downs, Blood Is Love stays a bit more even and shows the band letting more metal play into the mood of the music. This added crunch, and some slightly more varied vocal moods, equals another quite memorable trip.

by Susan

Fhoi Myore - The Northern Cold
Listen at Bandcamp

Keeping with the typical quality of a French black metal outfit, Fhoi Myore's debut EP is an excellent atmospheric black metal release, one that retains the genre's traditional spite and aggression without sacrificing melody. The bitter-tuned guitars are somewhat frolicsome, and the drums are varied well beyond straightforward blastbeat insanity, making for an engaging listen. Catchy hooks help draw the listener in further, which makes the lengthier tracks seem to pass without effort - a credit to the accomplished songwriting. The Northern Cold will surely appeal to fans of just about any atmospheric black metal project, from Paysage d'Hiver to Wolves In The Throne Room.

by Troy Killjoy



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Mr. Doctor - 10.07.2012 at 14:47  
I feel insanely useless and lazy now.

I'll check them out soon and post my opinion about them.
Susan - 10.07.2012 at 18:56  
It's quite a noisy issue, so when you're over your laziness be prepared for an aural assault

As usual, some more great cover art. What is it with these new bands finding such excellent artists? I like. Especially Miroist's creepy octopus.
Druss - 10.07.2012 at 19:57  
From what I've heard (had trouble finding Kalodin and Ivy Gardens' respective EPs on their pages, I'm a bit of a moron, you see), Black Oak Decline might just edge it for me so far, loved the mix of slightly buried vocals and overriding riffs, but Fever Sea's was indeed dynamic as described, and I found both Wings Denied and Fhoi Myores' EPs surprisingly good.

On the subject of cover art, that Fever Sea cover art is sweet as hell, and despite its borderline symmetrical look, Wings Denied's is also quite nice.

Another great edition btw, guys, good work and thanks for all the new material to listen to
BloodTears - 10.07.2012 at 20:40  
I'm really curious about most of them tbh.

Druss: thanks for the detailed opinion, that was awesome
Bad English - 10.07.2012 at 21:58  
Who will win Troy or Susan I giva try all bands and those 2 writers what tahy pic up i need listen more and in end Troy wins because both his chosse I like more how Susans
In end wins ''Fever Sea'' album atrt work almost foole dme because I thought I will like more frenchies but no brits was better
Troy Killjoy - 10.07.2012 at 22:08  
At the end of the day all that matters is the bands winning with free exposure.

We win as writers because we get to listen to good music, too. I'd say it's a fair trade.
Kass - 10.07.2012 at 22:31  
Think I enjoyed Black Oak Decline, and Fever Sea the most from this issue.

Voted for BOD.
Boxcar Willy - 10.07.2012 at 22:35  
Yay new article!

will check out soon!
Mr. Doctor - 11.07.2012 at 01:34  
Hard issue. All great imo but I ended up voting for Miroist... I just thought their instrumental djent was very nice. Special mention goes to Black Oak Decline, Fever Sea and Fhoi Myore... Which were very close to get a vote as well.
BitterCOld - 11.07.2012 at 02:08  
Looks mighty good, looking forward to checking 'em out when i get some time.
Troy Killjoy - 11.07.2012 at 05:58  
Ultimately I went with Fever Sea, even though I was big on trying to promote Fhoi Myore.
Edmund Fogg - 11.07.2012 at 06:43  
Akready owned Fever Sea and Miroist, but i'll give a fair chance to all. They seem intriguing.
Susan - 11.07.2012 at 07:35  
Written by Troy Killjoy on 10.07.2012 at 22:08

At the end of the day all that matters is the bands winning with free exposure.

We win as writers because we get to listen to good music, too. I'd say it's a fair trade.

Truer words were never spoken
Cynic Metalhead - 11.07.2012 at 15:48  
Holyshit! I am actually seeing "Kalodin" introducing to MS fans. As a pretty huge fan of Nepal Metal scene, this band stands out the most. I've seen them live couple of times and honestly, they are just too good.

Kudos to Susan
Edmund Fogg - 12.07.2012 at 05:51  
Ivy still managed to grab my attention with this edition and might jut top Fever Sea and Fhoi Myore. Yes, once again Ivy takes the win for me.

Oh and it's Desert not Dessert. Suprised nobody caught that one.
Boxcar Willy - 14.07.2012 at 18:58  
Black Oak Decline it is.
A.Ghosheh - 15.07.2012 at 21:27  
Ivy Garden's cover artwork made me check them first, I think it take alot of balls to use such cover.

Great issue, loved most of the bands but I have to choose between Miroist and Black Oak Decline
Mr. Doctor - 15.07.2012 at 22:07  
Written by A.Ghosheh on 15.07.2012 at 21:27
Ivy Garden's cover artwork made me check them first, I think it take alot of balls to use such cover.

I don't see anything particularly daring about it.
A.Ghosheh - 15.07.2012 at 22:28  
Written by Mr. Doctor on 15.07.2012 at 22:07

I don't see anything particularly daring about it.

It's just a simple red line, bands tend to use fancy artworks and this is nothing near fancy. I found it interesting.
Mr. Doctor - 15.07.2012 at 22:50  
Written by A.Ghosheh on 15.07.2012 at 22:28
It's just a simple red line, bands tend to use fancy artworks and this is nothing near fancy. I found it interesting.

Oh I see, I misinterpreted your comment as when you thought "it takes balls" I translated it to "Because that album is so daring!" isntead of "Because it's too simple".
Crucifux - 16.07.2012 at 06:42  
Miroist and Kalodin were real nice, but Fever Sea definitely takes the cake.
Kass - 02.09.2012 at 23:21  
Listening to Miroist's EP, good stuff.

NocturnalStalker - 29.01.2013 at 19:45  
I was torn between Fever Sea and Ivy Garden Of The Desert and finally... gave my vote to the latter. Maybe partly for the reason that I liked their previous work.
Overall, this time there were plenty of nice bands but none of them managed to impress me.

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