Rammstein - Ljubljana, Slovenia - 30th April 2013

Event: Rammstein: European Tour 2013
Written by: Abattoir
Published: 21.05.2013

During their "Made In Germany European Tour", the path of mighty German industrialists Rammstein led to the Slovenian crime scene once again, their second appearance here (the first was back in 2005). These fellas are uniquely famous for their spectacular live performances, leaving nothing to coincidence. Explosions, fire, lovely multi-colour flames, all kinds of pyrotechnics that you cannot think of, burning people, etc. On the other side they are masters of interpreting love and hate in the way of excessive perversion and bizarreness. All of that combined with a heavy sound of more or less easily digestible straightforward industrial metal and extraordinary audiovisual effects, there are small chances that you could remain unsatisfied after this show.

So, for all of the purposes and needs, this concert was held at our biggest and newest venue in the country, Center Stozice hall (Ljubljana), which allows the capacity of approximately 15000 people. And as far as I know, it was almost a sold out event. Generally, this venue is intended primarily for sport events, or, as in this case, for a bigger music or cultural events. It turned out that it was a very good pick of the venue, especially in term of sound quality.

To point out briefly, the organization of checking and letting people inside the hall was pretty much chaotic, while part of the audience (around 1000) missed the beginning of Rammstein's performance, even though they had came to the venue an hour and a half to two hours earlier. The main reason lies in the fact that there were only two "doors" available for thousands of people that were waiting in front of the entrance. However, lucky and sneaky me, I got through all of the crowd into the hall in just around 10 minutes.

The warm-up was reserved for DJ Joe Letz, who was pmixing and combining the Rammstein songs in the form of electronic music output. Despite my open wide acceptance to the all kinds of music genres, this stuff and performance did not impress me and certainly didn't move my feelings, not for a bit.

While DJ Joe was the only support act at this event, we all know what was coming next. The initial "bombing" on the stage had started and the curtain behind the dusk fell down. The unstoppable march had begun with "Ich Tu Dir Weh", the song from the band's latest product Liebe Ist Für Alle Da (2009). With the main character and leader at the forefront, vocalist Till Lindemann, the band served some of their strongest opuses, which kept the crowd restless and active throughout the performance.

Almost every song of the set was accompanied by different presentations, imitations, expressions or whatever you would call them, whether it was a sexual, sadistic or violent ones. Unusual, provocative and/or even disturbing for some (mostly those, who are/were not familiar with the bands live performance before), yet necessary acts from the aspect of Rammstein and their fans. So, we were treated to such things as: burning a live man, fire breathing, heavy firecrackers, multiple orgasms with an enormous amount of sperm ejaculation, etc. Most of these "dramatically executed" inputs were performed by Till and "Flake" (keyboardist) in the main role.

I must say that I was pretty much satisfied with the majority of the chosen songs throughout this show, except with the "Mein Herz Brennt" (piano version) one, which did not fit into the set so well. In my opinion, the usual execution of this song would be just fine and much more appropriate.

Rammstein, the band, made for the heavy live entertainment. Despite their overall sound being nailed more or less, the music itself isn't the first priority at their shows. Instead, it's rather combined with several stunning audiovisual and pyrotechnic effects, which are certainly a feast for the eyes and ears. This was my second time seeing them and hopefully not the last time for me. Well done.

As you may noticed, I haven't got any photos from this concert, while I do not own any worthwhile camera. So I give you the link to the place, where you can check out the whole gallery of professionally shot photos (by one of the Slovenian medias): Photo Gallery.

Rammstein - Setlist:

01. Ich Tu Dir Weh / 02. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen? / 03. Keine Lust / 04. Sehnsucht / 05. Asche Zu Asche / 06. Feuer Frei! / 07. Mein Teil / 08. Ohne Dich / 09. Wiener Blut / 10. Du Riechst So Gut / 11. Benzin / 12. Links 2-3-4 / 13. Du Hast / 14. Bück Dich / 15. Ich Will /
ENCORE: 16. Mein Herz Brennt (piano version) / 17. Sonne / 18. Pussy


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