Arvikafestivalen - July 12th-14th

Event: Arvikafestivalen
Written by: =maD.Doc:.
Published: 21.07.2007

Arvikafestivalen 12.07.2007

Metal bands watched:
The 69 Eyes
Within Temptation

The 69 Eyes:
The band that started off my festival experience in Arvika was the Finnish metal band The 69 Eyes. Before this show I had never heard this band and I can happily say that they left a pretty good impression. Many Swedish fans were there to see this band and they were all happy (I think they were at least). As I didn't know anything about this band before I can't actually say what they played and so on, but they gave a great show, even if the singer was a bit boring at times. In the long run I got a bit bored but some of the songs were catchy and I enjoyed every second. As all other bands they played about and hour, an hour of warm up for what to come: Mustasch and Within Temptation.

After an hour of riggin' the stage after The 69 Eyes, it was finally time for this Swedish metal act. After playing an intro and showing pictures of the band members on some kind of screen, Mustasch finally started playing. I actually hadn't heard this band that much before this show, but I knew them, and actually enjoy their latest record "The Latest Version of the Truth" where most of the songs they played were from. But some classics like "Black City" were played so everyone was happy. Ralph with his mustache (yeah, he needed a mustache when he was the front man of the band Mustasch), and his boys gave Arvika a great show, and left the stage with great dignity.

Within Temptation:
Finally, the band I had been waiting for since I woke up this morning: Within Temptation. Sharon Den Adel, couldn't stop thinking about her and her beautiful voice. They started off with an intro and right after played "Our Solemn Hour" from their latest record "The Heart Of Everything." Unfortunately their drummer couldn't make it because of some tragedy in his family but they had a great replacement that was really cool and seemed to enjoy himself behind the drums. This was a very special day, not just that it was the only concert in Sweden this summer, but it was Sharon's birthday as well. The crowd congratulated her with screams, and they played two or three more songs and they had really made my day. I actually almost started to cry when Sharon first walked out on the stage. Incredible!

Arvikafestivalen 13.07.2007

Metal bands watched:
Dark Tranquillity
In Flames

Dark Tranquillity (DT):
DT is one of my favourite bands and have my absolute favourite singer, Mikael Stanne. They were the highlight of this day (an explanation is coming later on). They started off with the song "Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive)" and the crowd pressure arose to almost maximum. They played all the best songs from their latest record, "Fiction," and also some good classics like "Punish My Heaven." During the song "Punish My Heaven" Mikael Stanne jumped down from the stage to the crowd (in front of the crowd to be exact), and he actually came to me put his forehead against mine and let me sang in the microphone. A memory that will last forever, not only because it was my favourite singer, but that all of my friends thinks my growls sounds exactly like his, and that he came to me with the microphone, it was just awesome. Being the band that had the crowd literally in the palm of their hands, they were the best surprise on Arvikafestivalen.

In Flames:
Being the last band for me this day, I actually went to see the pop-band Melody Club right before In Flames to get to the front-row (that I didn't get to at all >__<). They started off with an odd song: Episode 666, never heard them started off with this song before. It was a great show all-in-all, but the sound was a bit weird; they actually let me down a bit from last time I saw them. The two highlights of this show was a song they never had played live before, the song was "Dawn Of A New Day" from the "Reroute To Remain" record, and the other highlight was the ending song "My Sweet Shadow" with fireworks, "explosions" on stage, and a lot of confetti. It ended a wonderful day in Arvika.

Arvikafestivalen 14.07.2007

Metalbands watched:
Sonic Syndicate

Pain started off my last day at Arvika. And being a great live band, I was a bit bored because I did only know two or three songs so well that I could sing-a-long with them. Their sound check was the most hilarious I've ever seen, but with crazy musicians you get a crazy sound check. The highlights for me of this show was the opening track "Same Old Song" and "Shut Your Mouth." Peter Tägtgren really is a god when it comes to metal music, and he had put together a band with great musicians; they delivered a great concert, but I got a bit bored, and only have myself to blame for that.

This great band from Falun. They play metal with lyrics inspired by historical wars, mostly WWII. They gave Arvika a hell of a show starting with "Panzer Batallion" taken from their debut "Primo Victoria" and ending with a fuse of two songs "Metal Machine" from "Primo Victoria" and "Metal Crüe" from "Attero Dominatus." Being one of the most growing Power Metal bands from Sweden right now, they delivered music like gods live. I just can't get how they actually hold the crowd in the palm of their hands like they do. It's just awesome. This was one of the better shows during Arvikafestivalen, indeed.

Sonic Syndicate:
Being one of the newcomers from Nuclear Blast, with their second release "Only Inhuman" in stores, this Falkenberg based band deliver like hell live. With two singers it can't be more awesome live. This became one of my best experiences at Arvika, as I got a hug from their bassist Karin Axelsson (being very VERY hot), and got all the songs I love played live for me. I can only say that this band has a bright future. Taking the Gothenburg sound one step forward, and evolving it, it's just great. Their youngest member being only 17 years of age! Holy shit! But the thing that really gets me going are the two singers: Richard and Roland. Giving the music all the energy they have and really giving the audience a freaking great live show. Probably one of the three best shows during Arvikafestivalen.

This was my report from Arvikafestivalen. I hope you enjoyed reading it, though all reviews was very short. But I think I got the most important things in there. Till next time: Take care!


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25.07.2007 - 15:16
Erotic Stains
I hate Mustasch...
25.07.2007 - 16:26
Rosetta Stoned
I hated Mustasch until I heard them, now I like them
I'm not very keen on Sonic Syndicate though ^^
12.08.2007 - 14:44
sonic syndicate can truly go to hell, pure hate is the only thing they make me feel

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