Nightwish - End of all Hope - 04.04.2008, Manchester, UK

Event: Nightwish: European Passion Play Tour
Written by: Demonisch
Published: 28.08.2008
Quick background. I got into metal when I heard Nightwish's "Wishmaster." I loved their concert DVD "End of an Era" and was determined I wanted to see them live. Unfortunately, Tarja had now been fired. Nevertheless, after listening to "Dark Passion Play" I still wanted to go to a concert. I got very excited when I saw that Nightwish would be performing in Manchester and instantly booked tickets. That was back in September 2007. However, since then I have seen user videos of concerts on YouTube and became concerned about Anette's voice and style but I put it down to bad video quality. She was okay in "Dark Passion Play," I was sure she would be great.

Skip forward to the evening. Wow! Despite Nightwish getting nearly no publicity in the UK the queue for the show was huge. It felt great going to a local convenience store and hearing people talking about Nightwish as they bought supplies for the concert. The queue was populated by various people, mostly gothic and metal dressed but also daughters and sons with mothers, an elderly lady with a walking stick, and even children under 15. Inside people were standing downstairs and seating upstairs. Before long it was nearly impossible to move, the building was packed.

After a while some figures appeared on the stage and the audience got excited. But it was not Nightwish. Nightwish were hosting a supporting band called Pain, industrial style metal. I will not review their performance as it would be biased due to me only liking power and symphonic metal. I heard some people in front of me discussing them, and they liked them. I thought they would only do 1 or 2 songs but it was more like 8 songs. At the end of each song I was praying that it would be their last. Finally they left the stage stating that we are now "warmed up for Nightwish." Well, if that was true then we were left to go cold.

It must have been over half an hour before Nightwish appeared. We saw technicians changing the instruments but then nothing happened. It seemed like an age and I could hear people around me getting fed up. Finally Nightwish appeared. After an instrumental intro they launched into "Bye Bye Beautiful."

My excitement, already waned from the long wait, kept dropping every time I heard Anette sing. For the record, I am on Nightwish's side for firing Tarja, I have read the biography, which could be biased but I believe it, and I agree that she could not carry on. However, Anette was a bad decision because she cannot sing live. Her talent seems restrained to yodelling at the end of each sentence. Whereas a trained singer can hold notes, and pop singers mostly do the "youuuu-ohhh--oooo---youuuu" to cover the fact that they cannot, Anette does her yodelling. Moreover, she competed against Marko, her voice drowned out his whenever they sang.

However, the rest of the band was amazing. Emppu deserves special credit for his funny behaviour. He kept jumping around the stage. Anette put her arm around him during "Wishmaster" and he put his thumb to his nose and did a childish but amusing "nah, nah" to the crowd. Between some songs Marko talked to the crowd but unfortunately, being near the back, I could not make out what he said. However, he got a great response.

The songs they played, as I can remember, were "Bye Bye Beautiful," "Dark Chest of Wonders," "The Siren," "Whoever Brings the Night," "Wishmaster," "The Islander," "Last of the Wilds" (both of which were performed with a guest playing the clarinet, which was beautiful), "Nemo," "Dead to the World" and "Amaranth." The songs were all played with enthusiasm that made me love their concert DVD; every drum beat felt like a shock wave, you could feel it. However, following Pain playing 8 songs and the very long wait, the Nightwish concert felt relatively short.

To conclude, unless they fire Anette and get someone who can actually sing, I am unlikely to see Nightwish live again. In my opinion Nightwish are past their prime now.

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Ellrohir - 30.08.2008 at 10:38  
respect to your conclusion, man, but i really disagree

btw didnt they play The Poet And The Pendulum they did in Prague on February...but they havent guest clarinet player vice versa
Warman - 30.08.2008 at 17:26  
Haha, this one is accepted... what the hell happened to my Megadeth CR which I submitted like 6 months ago? Haven't heard a word about it.
GT - 31.08.2008 at 18:28  
Maybe it was because she has more experience now, but when I saw them live some weeks ago Anette was far far better then what you report. She didn't miss a single note, not even the high ones, she didn't do the annoying "pop-moves" but headbanged a few times....and so on. All in all a great show that made me revise my views of "the new Nightwish"
Ellrohir - 01.09.2008 at 21:50  
i have seen her on 18th of February and had no problem with her, because whole concert was simply amazing
Warman - 01.09.2008 at 23:48  
"The Siren"? I can't imagine Anette singing that song.
Ellrohir - 02.09.2008 at 21:35

Warman - 03.09.2008 at 01:49  
Horrible, just horrible man. First I thought "damn, maybe she can pull this off!". But then came her "HEEEYYEEEEAAAAHEEEEEYEAAAAAH". Can't stand it. Still sounds like a tribute band to me. That performance just can't be compared with Tarja's at "End of an Era".
Ellrohir - 03.09.2008 at 21:30  
maybe it shouldn't be
annodomini - 15.02.2009 at 19:39  
Written by Warman on 03.09.2008 at 01:49

Horrible, just horrible man. First I thought "damn, maybe she can pull this off!". But then came her "HEEEYYEEEEAAAAHEEEEEYEAAAAAH". Can't stand it. Still sounds like a tribute band to me. That performance just can't be compared with Tarja's at "End of an Era".

Differently than you i just enjoy that "Heayaa..." i saw it live, i downloaded 5 concerts and in every of them she sounds marvelous in this and other older NW songs. I think its the problem that all of you who still misses Tarja, are not trying to hear the reality but just hold the mind: Its the shit when Anette is singing. And you are out of reality.

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