Freak Kitchen

Event: Freak Kitchen
Written by: Jeff
Published: 22.04.2008


Freak Kitchen, Paris, France by Jeff (11)

This is the 4th time I see the crazy Swedish guys of Freak Kitchen and let me tell you that I will go to see them every time that they will come to my city. First because I'm a die-hard fan of the band, that's true, but also because it's impossible to be disappointed by one of their performances. Last Friday, we had a great show once again.

Furious Zoo

But Freak Kitchen weren't alone and we could first see Furious Zoo, the band featuring famous French pop singer Renaud Hantson. I was a bit sceptical to be honest: Renaud is a great singer but his come back in the world of Metal and Hard Rock last year (his debut band, Furioso, was actually a Hard Rock band in the 80s) was good but not so heavy, a bit poppy actually.
However, what was really surprising that night was that Renaud - who is also a drummer - and his two band mates were absolutely good. It was really rock "n" roll, with covers of Hendrix or Satan Joker and it was catchy as hell. I now have the proof that Renaud Hantson is a great singer. Moreover, we even had the chance to have two songs with the singer of Sortilège, Christian 'Zouille' Augustin! It was a nice opening act.

The Real And Unique Yellow Cow

Of course, the audience of the Elysée Montmartre was there to support Freak Kitchen. The band is really famous in France and every time that they come in the country, they always attract a lot of people to the venues. It's not very hard to understand why; Freak Kitchen is actually such a lively band that people come to see them to listen to music but also for the show and to laugh like idiots.

I was a bit sceptical at the beginning of the show because Freak Kitchen seemed not to be very active this time... I was actually wrong because, as always, the band went totally crazy after two songs. The three musicians ran everywhere, talked to the audience, joke etc. It was really funny, just like in all their previous shows.

Freak Kicten

We had two hours of music, with new songs from the last album "Organic" but also with classics like "Silence", "Razor Flowers", "Blind" etc. In addition - and this is the first time that I saw something like that with Freak Kitchen - we had a little acoustic set of two songs, "Wall Of Stupidity" and "My New Haircut". It was really peaceful but obviously funny as hell especially when you know that it is impossible for our three Swedish dudes to be serious more than 2 minutes.

As usual, we had the crazy break, this time it wasn't the Dildo, the "Mow Box" or the "Percussion Guitar" but a crazy toy for kids that IA put on his guitar and then pushed "play" to show us the crazy music that this stuff was able to produce. After that, Mattias, who would like to speak French, started to read a newspaper in French with a crazy accent and he made all the venue laugh like stupid donkeys. It may sound stupid, and some of you probably think that something like that has nothing to do in a metal show, but let me tell you that at least their show are never boring.

Mr Mattias "IA" Eklundh

It was a great show, once more I was really happy of the performance of Freak Kitchen. You should check if they're coming near your town because, believe me, they're a must, especially if you like shows with "good mood" ambiances and crazy guitars. Their songs are smart and intelligent, well done and the powerful performances that these three friendly guys deliver are always awesome. Don't miss them


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