Ultra Vomit - Toulouse, France, 05/03/09

Event: Ultra Vomit - French Tour
Written by: FreakyMarge
Published: 02.04.2009


Ultra Vomit - Crysis, Toulouse, France, 05/03/09 by Moocher (40)

Well well well, here is a special gig on this Friday night, Toulouse is welcoming Ultra Vomit, the funniest and craziest French metal band ever known. But first, the band Crysis was here to open the night.

I didn't know the band until then, and, even if it's not the kind of music I really use to listen, I found their show quite convincing, full of communicative energy and rage. Some interesting elements and influences were here to keep the attention of the audience, and I think that a good part of it had fun during their show. A lot of moshing and stage diving proved that the audience was quite motivated tonight and the metal-hardcore with some rock'n roll and thrash parts of Crysis kept this motivation up. Let's precise that the band is from Toulouse, so Crysis certainly had some fans present here.

For the rest of the venue, this opening set maybe seemed a bit long, and I think everybody was very impatient to see the stars of the night playing.

After the end of Crysis and some long minutes, four fake roadies come on stage. Yeah, you got it: the band itself is here to begin their show by pretending checking the sound and the instruments. And to do it, what could be better than the quite emotional song "I check my voice into the microphone"? One minute of pure Ultra Vomit, profound and deep silly humour for all the metalheads who came here to have fun. After this short but intense introduction, the guys left the stage and their sunglasses to come back, back to the public. After a beautiful and solemn choreography, they can finally begin their show. And what a show!! First it's important to precise that those guys are real musicians. The new bassist of the band was here tonight, and he did a good job, even if he wasn't as comfortable as the others. But believe me, it must be reaaally hard to reach such a high level of humour and natural charisma on stage. I think it needs some serious innate gifts and an intense practicing. The funniest thing in an Ultra Vomit show is the contrast between the big heavy sound, the violence of the songs and the hilarious lyrics. Their attitudes are a perfect example of amazing skills for acting and a great ability to make fun of the metal world clichés.

Of course it's difficult to describe all the French puns and jokes, but, even if you don't get any word, you could laugh just by looking at them playing. And you could headbang and mosh as well, because, yes, the audience in the front was brutal as hell. I guess it's a part of the clichés right?

One of the biggest moments was the mythical "I like to vomit" (I'm sure you guess which song is parodied here…), a pure minute (yes, the songs are usually very short) of madness.
Another great time was the cover of the Katy Perry's song "Hot'n Cold", that the drummer Manard concluded by a glorious "See! That IS metal!"

I think that we could resume an Ultra Vomit gig like a big party, where you could listening to metal while laughing as loud as the sound, headbanguing wildly with the biggest smile on your face, improvise some little dances while screaming and growling…All of the things that you can hardily find in one concert. Believe me, we did with that one!

Thx to Sarah, Ultra Vomit and Listenable or the accreditations



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07.04.2009 - 19:40
I R Serious Cat
Great review and pics. I'll certainly be checking this band thanks to this CR.
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07.04.2009 - 21:14
Retired Staff
Saw them at Hellfest last year but at that time I wasn't familiar yet with their work and humour. 'Twas quite a "remarkable" performance to say the least. And it looks like this show was no different - no surprises there.

Would love to see Ultra Vomit once again some day. Preferably on an open-air festival (they're just too much fun to play indoor) where the crowd is also familiar with the phenomenon that is Ultra Vomit (or at least understands French) - so yeah, Hellfest next year perhaps?
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