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Masterplan interview (04/2005)

With: Uli Kusch [Drums]
Conducted by: Demonic Tutor
Published: 26.04.2005

Band profile:


- Hallo Freunden!! The day as arrived, your second opus entitled "Aeronautics" is now out. So much to talk about, but first what are in your opinion the major differences between your two albums?

The biggest difference is the more compact songwriting, but on the other hand more variation. This time Jørn was more involved from the beginning on. We got more stiles into our music with Axels and Jan´s input which we didn´t have on the first album.

- It seems like Masterplan has transcended its image of being a side-project to being considered as one of today's best Metal bands, and that since the release of your debut album. Was it difficult to detach yourselves from the "Helloween-tag" people could have had in mind?

Too many people still want to compare us with Helloween or try to find similarities, but what they don´t wanna see and separate is that Roland and me played seven years in Helloween, we made our experienses and have now a new band called Masterplan. Helloween was already different from what people expected when I joined them in 1994. Since Michael Kiske left Helloween the band was not the same anymore. To me it felt the same since Deris was singing in that band, and now with Masterplan I don´t see any connection to their musicstyle exept some fragments you could find in hundreds of other metalbands. I wonder how people can expect Helloweenmusíc from Masterplan especially when they hear how different and unique Jørns way of singing is. That would be the same as if you expect Judas Priestmusic from Accept.

- Some people said that it takes more time to fully enjoy "Aeronautics" than "Masterplan". It's usually a very good indication that an album is more intricate thus more achieved creatively speaking. Would you agree on that and what were your impressions in studio?

Yes, I agree, but during the production I personally was not sure and just continued working on the songmaterial until we felt convinced about the strength of the music. After the mix we didn´t know how people gonna feel, but the reactions in general are amazing and a prove that sometimes you can rely on your experiences to make something right.

- Which song did you write first for this album? How was the songwriting like, what time frame did you have?

The instrumental part of Crimson Rider was written in october 2003. That was the first song I wrote for the album. And I immediately delivered it to Jørn to see his reaction. He got really inspired and it turned out to be a very strong powermetalsong. The same thing happened with spirit never die and Enlighten me which I wrote without any clue how the vocallines are going to be like. But on the end suite perfect without changing anything of the music to make the vocal fit. That feels great and is a prove that we can be inspired by the same type of music. All in all the songwriting process took six months before recording.

- What is the immediate future of Masterplan? Anything planned yet for 2005?

We gonna play some festivals and in Japan. And probably we start writing new songs from September on.

- By the way, how was the release party for "Aeronautics"?

I don´t know. I wasn´t there. Unfortunately our labelmanager Andy Allendoerfer died in a car accident a couple of days before so it was not a good time to celebrate anything.

- Are you satisfied with the feedback you got through the press and the fans?


-Which are some of your main influences? Any other bands you really respect nowadays?

All kind of music in general can be an inspiration. But for example Symphony X made an incredible record with Symphony X V

-I know the band's main city is Hamburg but is it also your professional base or do you have another headquarters (so to speak)?

I don´t live in Hamburg but somewhere else. We meet on different places for different occations.

-We wish Masterplan all the best. Thanks guys! And your last word is?

I don¨t know yet... ;-)

Thanks again to the guys of Masterplan, Jérôme and Underclass Records and our own Jeff who made this interview possible.


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