Freak Kitchen - Move (Song by Song)

With: Mattias IA Eklundh
Conducted by: Jeff
Published: 22.02.2004

Band profile:

Freak Kitchen
Album info: Move

01. Propaganda Pie
02. Nobody's Laughing
03. Snap
04. Humiliation Song
05. Razor Flowers
06. Heroin Breakfast
07. Porno Daddy
08. Seven Days In June
09. Maggots Of Corruption
10. Hateful Little People
11. Logo
12. The Wrong Year

01. Propaganda Pie:
A song about nasty journalism, basically the kind we experience most every

02. Nobody's Laughing:
Irony and saracasm isn't always a good thing. Some stuff need to be
respected. I for one am the first to joke all the time, but sometimes...

03. Snap:
Workaholic blues. "Dance to the company bullets" pretty much says it all...

04. Humiliation Song:
I can't help but being amazed what people are willing to do to get some
attention. TV is THE medium. Where will all these shitty reality shows end?
Heard the most cynical television producer bastard the other day saying that
if he had the legal possibility to do a show on an airplane going down with
12 passengers and 11 parachutes, he'd sure do it.

05. Razor Flowers:
Bad, domestic violent behavior.

06. Heroin Breakfast:
It's about being close to someone addicted to heavy drugs.

07. Porno Daddy:
True story, I am afraid. About kids with porn movie parents. Not so cool for
a growing teenage soul.

08. Seven Days In June:
Separation. Children involved. Typical heavy metal lyric, huh?

09. Maggots Of Corruption:
Corruption of the spirit.

10. Hateful Little People:
Racism and ignorance is everywhere.

11. Logo:
Corporate uglyness. Children workers, asian youth wasted for a cheap pair of
western panties.

12. The Wrong Year:
Our irreversible skull fucking of Mother Earth.


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